Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

The first rendezvous with a lady is always exciting and responsible. It is vital to save your face. So, you might need juicy questions to ask a girl to make the initial date enthralling, and let your communication continue? Read and find out.

Stay focused on “open” questions about relationships to ask a girl. They usually begin with “how”, “why”, “what”, “when”, “where” and demand a reply more extended than just a “yes” or “no”.

The first time you see each other, you shouldn’t use “complicated questions to ask a girl” to learn the lady’s future plans, how many children she wants to have, etc. Anyway, you are unlikely to succeed in learning such information this time. Your main task is not to fail your first introduction, and don’t let the woman get bored, avoid awkward silence and emptiness in the dialogue.

In “closed” personal questions to ask a girlfriend-to-be, the action is emphasized, e.g.: “Do you like drinking coffee?” or “Have you had dinner yet?” The answer will be monosyllabic – “yes” or “no”. Continuing such a chat is more difficult. But answering an “open-ended” query gives you several options to develop the conversation. As an example: “What kind of coffee do you prefer?” or “What do you prefer for breakfast?” At the very least, you might find out about other’s tastes better and get closer at this early stage. Especially if you hit the mark and inquired about something your interlocutor especially enjoys (by accident or intentionally preparing). Discussing a favorite topic, the woman is to experience positive emotions meaning there you’ve got clearly more chances of being appreciated.

Surely, it is important not to cross the limits and shower the lass with numerous “deep questions to ask a girl”. Let her lead the dialogue, describe herself, or share a funny story.

Now, what are not so hot questions to ask a girl, but the ones letting you learn more about her? “How was your day?” and “What do you usually do at the weekend?” The second one can be a substitute for the query about favorite pastimes or hobbies because it is at the weekend that we devote time to our favored activities. So, it’s possible to understand how your interests intersect and whether you won’t be bored in life together. After all, when she wants to sleep until lunchtime and watch TV shows, and he wants to go out of town to ride a bicycle or ski, such a union is unlikely to be successful.

Still, in case you want some cute questions to ask a girl, look at the following ones which can facilitate the dialogue:

“What’s your number one movie and why?”
“Where do you dream to spend a vacation?”
“If you won 10 mln dollars, what would you spend the money on?”
“Share the oddest event you’ve ever had.”
“What superpower do you wish you had?”

Speak more of traveling as everyone adores it. This topic has many emotional questions to ask a woman bringing wonderful memories.

Inquire where she was, which place she liked/disliked. What does she prefer – relaxation by the sea or active rest, excursions, seeing new places every time?

Such a conversation elicits a positive reaction from the interlocutor. You will notice it in tone and emotion. You can go even further and outline plans for a joint journey in the future, but so far without details, exact dates, and routes.

The first date is a chance to show yourself not only as a sociable, funny, and versatile guy but also touch on serious topics to learn more.
“Who do you see yourself in five years’ time?”
“What are you striving for?”
“What’s the main thing in your life?”

Again, the main thing is not to overload the lass. You could carefully start this topic and first share your goals, and only then inquire about something serious. If you see that she is still uncomfortable discussing such issues, switch to a different subject.

Undeniably you need some information to prepare pleasant surprises and impress your girlfriend-to-be in the future like a bouquet of favorite flowers, a visit to the restaurant she adores or presenting something, she has always dreamed of.

The main thing is to remember the answers the lass gave, and not use this information to organize the nearest meetings. Let it be a real surprise for her after a few months of being together as a couple.

“What are your favorite flowers?”
“What is a perfect gift from a beloved man like?”
“Are you keen on quests?”
“What place in the city do you like most?”

Try to raise engaging topics, without touching religion, politics, or discussing an ex. In advance, come up with a couple of successful phrases with whose help, if anything goes wrong, you have a chance to fill the awkward pause in the conversation. And don’t worry – enjoy the communication. All in all, this is not an interrogation or an exam, but a date.
Valeria Matskevich with Love.