Practical dating tips for men in their forties

Today, talking about tips for dating in your 40s as a man or over 40 for mature and well-established gentlemen, we would like to start with a story about our client, let’s call him Stephan. Being a millionaire with two villas in Caribbean Islands, the investment banker from Switzerland said, “I have everything, but no one to share all my experience and achievements with. I want to love and be loved.”

He was highly intelligent and had a PhD in economics; he was keen on reading and Russian classics (in translation), in particular.

It seems he has more knowledge of different novels, plays, and short stories written by Bulgakov, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy than one of our editors who is a big fan of books and probably the only person we know whose passionate interest in literature allows her to remember all key events of stories in impressive details!

However, like most 40-year old men interested in dating, Stephan at his 43 wanted to find a beautiful innocent girl in her early twenties, because he believed that she would be the best mum for their kids.

Needless to say, when you are in your forties, meeting a lady below the age of 28, is not a great idea. Young ladies are charming, but we bet most of them are not ready to settle down. How old are women more interested in building a mature relationship? Perhaps, they are in their late 20s, 30s, or early 40s.

As a result, we decided to give our client useful advice to consider older ladies. He was pleasantly surprised when he got acquainted with a 30-year old beauty with a PhD in mathematics, long legs, and fair hair, who was speaking English fluently and liked traveling all over Europe. Besides, she was an avid reader and they had lots in common to discuss. They got married in six months. Now she’s pregnant with their second child.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of girl you are interested in, you should get in shape. Have you ever worried about working out? If your answer is “Yes,” you’ll probably be fit even in your fifties. If not, you’d better start incorporating exercises into your daily routine. About an hour four days a week would be enough.

Discussing other dating tips for men over 40, let’s return to Stephan. Why, having an ordinary appearance and, to tell the truth, relatively short stature, was he able to seduce a good-looking and intelligent girl thirteen years younger? You may say, “Money.” Nevertheless, in this case, you are not quite right. The lady was extremely popular with guys with money in their pockets — she had a choice.

See, the thing was that he made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. He was able to stand out from other men. For instance, Stephan was happy to arrange a private book signing by her favorite modern author for his girlfriend. Certainly, this is just a simple example of what he has done for his beloved one. What’s more important is what he is ready to do for his better half. Don’t forget, little things and romantic gestures matter.

Your age makes you wiser and more confident. These can actually be your superpowers when it comes to meeting women. Use your learnings wisely, your strengths bravely, and your decisions practically to find yourself the perfect companion.