You’ve made a responsible decision of your life to find a beautiful Ukrainian match, so how to be ready for so important trip to avoid unnecessarily problems and what you should take with you? There are matchmaking advice for you how to be fully prepared for the trip to Ukraine and what to take with you.

Prepare to your trip to Ukraine:

Matchmaking advice #1 – Outfit for formal dates.

Don’t forget the rule that you can’t have the second chance to make first impression. First date is a very special event and ladies usually make a lot of efforts for it. They can spend the whole day or even week to be ideal on it – they choose the most beautiful dress (or even buy it), wear makeup, do their hair. So the least you can do – wear an appropriate formal outfit and bring the flowers. Besides, the first dates always take place in a good restaurants and you will definitely feel yourself uncomfortable wearing sport or daily clothes. And you should have several outfits to have the fresh shirt for every date. There is a laundry in every good hotel, but don’t risk and take several shirts with you.

Matchmaking advice #2 – Bring souvenirs from your country.

Of course, I`m not telling you to buy I-phone, jewelry or other expensive things. A good idea is to bring something connected with your country – snowball, some interesting cards and magnets or sweets produced in your city. In this case, the main thing isn’t the price of a gift, but your attention.

Matchmaking advice #3 – Perfume.

Some of men forget about such important thing like perfume or don’t like to use it at all. But ladies like when men have a good smell. If she likes your smell, you will have more chances to be liked by her.

Matchmaking advice #4 – Take special medicines if you need them.

Don’t worry, there are many pharmacy shops in Ukraine, you can find several of them in one street and buy any pills for anything, but they can differ from ones in your country. So if you have some problems with health and need special medicines – don’t forget them.

Matchmaking advice #5 – Cash and bank card.

Unfortunately, the bank card American Express doesn’t work everywhere in Europe, including Ukraine. So, to avoid the problems with paying you should take care beforehand and have Visa or Master card. In most places you can pay by the card, but there are still some places where you can’t do it. So you should have cash too. It isn’t difficult to exchange money, there are many currency exchanges in the Ukrainian cities. Besides, a lot of hotels have their own currency exchanges.

Matchmaking advice #6 – Check your mobile phone before the date.

Close every apps (especially if they are some dating apps) and check that you haven’t any opened photos of other ladies. It will help you to avoid the uncomfortable situation on the date. If you want to show your photos to the lady, it will be even better to delete all provocative photos or save them in separate file, which she can’t see.

Matchmaking advice #7 Don’t forget to bring a good mood and positive mind.

There is one rule, which you should always remember – if you are waiting for bad, it will definitely happen to you! So you should relax and believe only in good things!

I wish you always be ready to meet your soul mate and be happy.