Appropriate presents for Ukrainian woman – How not to spoil the impression?

Picking a present for a beautiful lady in general is quite challenging, but picking a present for someone from another country is even more challenging and requires some knowledge, because there is a chance to go wrong not being aware of some traditions and culture peculiarities.

Ladies have different personalities and preferences. I know it might be really difficult to choose something special. I am going to share with you what is considered to be a nice gift for Ukrainian girl.

If you don`t know much about a lady yet to choose something personal, the best gift for a Ukrainian girl is flowers. That is why, in order to choose the right ones, you should familiarize yourself with their alphabet. According to ancient Slavic tradition, even number means mourning, so be careful if you go on a date with a Ukrainian lady. In case it is a big mixed bouquet, it is not a big deal.

Is it a must to give a bouquet of flowers on the first date? Yes, it is. Traditionally men in our country always give flowers. It is going to break the ice and set a positive atmosphere. You will definitely see a smile and she will appreciate it. Even if you don`t know which flowers to choose, professional florists in the shop are going to help you. You even have an option to make your own bouquet. It is not appropriate to give dark burgundy roses to a girl you hardly know, because they are an embodiment of deep feelings.

Light pink pions would be an amazing choice. Lush white tulips are also an option. They symbolize purity and happiness. Yellow tulips are a symbol of separation though.

Gerberas are bright and elegant flowers, which is a good choice too.

Orchid is an exotic flower, which is an embodiment of admiration, wealth and love.

If it is difficult to make a choice, close your eyes and imagine your lady, follow your heart and intuition and it won`t be wrong. She will appreciate your efforts and attention.

You should be careful with flowers too. One of my female friend received a cactus. It was at the beginning of dating. She was crying so much, because she was thinking that he wanted to hint that she was as “thorny” as this plant. But he was just assuming, if she was fond of home plants, why not give one of them without any implication. They are happy together now, but she still remembers that day.

When you get to know each other, you will find out what she likes the most and it may help you to make the right choice.

I am going to share with you some ideas:

  1. Perfume. It is quite a sensitive present, you should either choose well-known brands or maybe you have noticed which perfume she uses.
  2. Gift baskets are a good idea for Ukrainian women. It may be a basket of Spa treatment products or a basket of fresh exotic fruits.
  3. Jewelry. You won`t go wrong with it. A beautiful pendant or a nice bracelet is an amazing present.
  4. What`s a good gift for Ukrainian who likes reading? If she is a bookworm, buy her a kindle, which is very convenient to take everywhere or a real paper book.
  5. If she loves styling hair and has told you about it, you can purchase a curling or straightening iron.

Some of the unusual gifts for Ukrainian women is skydiving session or helicopter ride and it is definitely going to impress.

What is a nice gift for an Ukrainian girl`s mum? If you have a chance to visit her house, it is appropriate to bring present with you. Flowers will be a win-win situation.

We have asked several ladies to share their life experience and tell which gifts a man must avoid giving to a lady.

Juliya: I have had some tips for men who want to meet Ukrainian woman and make a good impression on them. Never ever think of giving a lady, who is not your wife yet, a certificate to a beauty salon or some cosmetics store. Such a present makes your woman think that she does not look nice. I would not advise you to give a deodorant, a shower gel, a shampoo or other bathroom staff, a fitness subscription or CDs with a fitness routine from any celebrities, anything that can «imply» your girl has to work on her body will not definitely win you any points in your woman’s eyes. And also certificates are not a good idea, because it has an expiry date, which obliges the person to use it anyway even if she doesn’t` like it.

Oksana: What I advise you not to give is any smoking staff, like mouthpieces, ashtrays, lighters i.e., even if she smokes. Giving such a present is not ethical. You must never give your lady any alcohol drinks. You can take a bottle of good wine or champagne with you, but it must not be your present. And, of course, you must never give you do not know well enough any lingerie.

Elena: Avoid giving strange objects that even you don`t know how to use. It means that you don`t really care unless it is something. One of the gentleman I know gave his girlfriend a machine to do her nails. She used to have her nails done in the salon, because it is time consuming to do it by herself. So having that machine, she had to buy all the necessary materials. The machine itself without the gel polish and other stuff is useless.

Olga: If you do not want to disappoint your lady, do not give her any books like «How to become a good cook?» or «What makes an ideal housewife?», she will definitely think you do not like the way she cooks and think she cannot become a good wife. All the “ How manuals” are not a good gift.

According to some superstitions it is better to avoid such gifts as watches and mirrors. Also if you think about giving a wallet, it is not appropriate to give it empty. You should put a note or a coin inside to attract wealth.

Whatever you choose is valuable, because you pay your attention and do it with all your heart! It is nice if you add something personal, like a hand written card with pleasant words. It is very sweet! It is a chance to connect on emotional level. Small details matter and you shouldn`t underestimate them.