If you have decided to marry a Ukrainian woman, you will surely want to make something pleasant for her. This could be a decision to give her a present, which will show how much you appreciate her. However, you can give her something that will spoil her attitude to you. To help you not to disappoint your Ukrainian woman, we have asked several ladies from Ukraine to share their life experience and tell which presents a man must never even think of giving to a lady.

  • Juliya: Thank you very much for the question. I have had some tips for men who want to meet Ukrainian woman and make a good impression on them. Never ever think of giving a Ukrainian woman, who is not your wife yet, a gift certificate to a beauty salon or some cosmetics store. Such a present will definitely make your woman think that she does not look nice or uses bad cosmetics. She may think that you want to make a hint by this present because you do not want to say bad things about her appearance in her face. For the same reason, I would not advise you to present to Ukrainian woman a deodorant (can think they smell badly), a shower gel, a shampoo or other bathroom staff (can think you consider her to be messy), a fitness subscription or CDs with a fitness routine from any celebrities (can think you hint that she has problems with her body), anything that can «imply» your girl has to work on her body will not definitely win you any points in your woman’s eyes.
  • Oksana: What I advise you not to give to a Ukrainian woman you have chosen is any smoking staff, like mouthpieces, ashtrays, lighters i.e., even if the woman smokes. Giving her such a present is not ethical. You must never give your lady any alcohol drinks. You can take a bottle of good wine or champagne with you, but it must not be your present. And, of course, you must never give a Ukrainian woman you do not know well enough any lingerie. It can be a hint that you think of undressing her and can offend the girl and make her be disappointed with you.
  • Elena: If you do not want to disappoint Ukrainian woman, do not give her cheap gifts. You can prepare a romantic dinner, or buy a bouquet of flowers instead of giving your woman a bottle of cheap perfume or jewelry. If you do want to give her a bracelet or perfume, prepare to pay big money, because the girl can buy something cheap herself, and a present from her man must be the one she will value.
  • Olga: What you must never give to a Ukrainian woman is a present, which will show her social place by implication. I would not advise you to give your lady everyday utensils or household appliances. Such a present can make your woman think that you see her only cooking and doing different housework. If you give her the latest model of a vacuum cleaner, for example, it can make her think it is a hint on her being messy… If you do not want to disappoint your lady, do not give her any books like «How to become a good cook?» or «What makes an ideal housewife?», she will definitely think you do not like the way she cooks and think she cannot become a good wife.

The list of the presents which can spoil the attitude of Ukrainian woman to the man who will give them such presents is not full, of course, and cannot be considered a «Bible». But I want you to remember, that you must think carefully and try to make the chances of disappointing your lady very small.