Professional Matchmaker

During the lockdown, the luckiest of us have realized we have the best partners in the world, while some of us have learned the painful truth that beautiful blue eyes or a perfect bra-size don’t guarantee combability and smooth pleasant 8 weeks in one apartment.

But many people have spent the isolation period in the company of Netflix, a cat, and a fridge.


On the one hand, it looks so easy to meet someone – just go online while there seem to be numerous options! On the other hand, after spending months in random chats and no real results many singles start wondering if anything is wrong with them. Why they are unable to find something real? Why do they keep attracting strange creepy narcissistic or not serious people?

Of course, it is easy to blame the App, country, weather, or the dating site. Perhaps you even start suspecting there are no decent normal single men or women left anymore, or maybe it is just your poor luck.

The good idea is to change your strategy. For example, going offline instead of being online only.


But where to meet the right person? How to understand that he or she is the person she claims to be and has all the necessary qualities? Is she even on the same page with you about relationships and marriage?

The most efficient way to find a man or a woman who matches your criteria wants a serious relationship and is not a creeper is to hire a professional dating service.

You can just google “matchmaker near me” and in a few days sitting in his office drinking tea and discussing your love life or its absence.

Of course, professional matchmaking services cannot be cheap. It takes lots of time and yes – money – to build an exclusive database of men and women. It takes hours to conduct personal interviews with all these members, but only so it is possible to make sure there are only serious, interesting, family-oriented quality candidates to introduce.

Real dating agencies constantly recruit new members into their base based on the criteria provided by their paying clients, who want to be sure each their date will be with a truly good match.

But is it even possible to choose the right company to trust your love search?

Learn about their professional experience, for how many years they are at the market. Reading reviews usually doesn’t give you much information, because clients like their privacy, and after finding the one, they are reluctant to share anything about their personal life. But you should definitely ask about recruiting and filtering the ladies and gentlemen who join the service. It is vitally important to understand if you can truly build a trust bond with this specialist. Can you rely on his experience? Will he or she work in your best interest?

And what to do if you are googling no the “best matchmaking service near me”, but in Ukraine?

Pretty much the same rules apply. You research a company, talk to a representative who will work directly with you, discuss your expectations regarding your partner, manage these expectations if necessary, sign an official contract and really trust your matchmaker and start working as a team to get you results you want and deserve.