Pros and cons of dating a Ukrainian woman

You have heard a thousand times that love has no boundaries. However, dating a person from a foreign country can have some hidden pitfalls. In this article you will have a chance to decide whether these are pros or cons of dating in Ukraine or marrying a woman from Ukraine.

The first thing typical of Ukrainian women is their impeccable beauty, which is quite frightening. Most of them think they must look brilliant even when they are walking a dog.

Walking along the streets of any Ukrainian city, you are likely to see a lot of women wearing high-heel shoes, even though it is not comfortable at all. What is more, they like wearing different clothes every day and follow fashion. They have to be diverse.

Why do they want to look so great every day? The answer one of my friends gave me was: “Beauty is power”. Consequently, dating a girl of Ukraine you are sure to have a gorgeous girlfriend, who always looks wonderful beside you. However, it means that you should be on top as well, take care of yourself too.

Another typical feature is loyalty. Therefore, you are sure to have a good friend, critic, advisor or even doctor when you need. Ukrainian ladies are caring and tender. They will be there when you need and help to solve any problem together.

Therefore, if you think that loyalty is boring and useless, dating women In Ukraine is not for you.

Visiting her place is always going to be accompanied with a feast. You are going to be offered a variety of dishes, which you have to finish, since it is impolite to leave the table in the middle of the meal. They are very hospitable, and sometimes even overdo with that; that is why it could be so that when you are stuffed with the main courses, your lady will bring you a piece of delicious cake, which you also have to taste! Are you ready for it? Her family is very traditional and have their own values. But parents always support the daughter`s choice, they express a real hospitality whenever you come and visit them. And even a language is not going to be an obstacle to establish positive atmosphere and trust.

They are very independent. Many of them do not believe in ideal relationship, so, even when they meet a real prince, they have to make sure they can provide for themselves. Nowadays, they tend to have more than one University degree and want to build a career before they find a man, who appreciate their freedom and individuality; which means you will have an independent girlfriend.

They are demanding. They want to be loved by a real gentleman. He has to be good mannered, meaning that he opens the door for them, helps to put on the overcoat and, of course, brings flowers. So, if you do not consider yourself to be a real gentleman, then better not consider a girl from Ukraine.

Ukrainian single woman is quite reserved and she keeps a distance with you even if she likes you a lot. Before you get a chance to get close, you may think she is a Snow Queen. However, if you put some time and effort to melt the ice, you are likely to uncover the most loving and caring woman on Earth. This is what happened to one of our clients. When he went out with a lady on the first date, he said she is too distant and he didn`t see the point to see her again. But a lady discreetly told us she was very interested in a gentleman and was looking forward to see him again. We advised our client to arrange a date with her. He was very skeptical about this idea, but at the end they fell in love and now cannot imagine their lives without each other.

Finally, you must be ready to participate in food experiments, since cooking is one of the ways to show their love: the more sophisticated and the more interesting dish she cooks, the bigger love for you she wants to show. At first, you can find the food quite normal and even boring, but very soon you start having questions like: What is that strange purple salad? Is eating herring with beet safe? Is it possible to drink ripe rye bread? You may dislike some dishes, but you surely find the one you adore. International love brings a lot of new things.

You are not going to have any problems coming to her country. It is visa free and there are no restrictions for foreigners. So you can easily plan and come to see her. You won`t have any problems in communicating too, people speak English in most of the places. But bear in mind that it is not easy for her to move to your country though, it will involve paperwork, getting visa, it takes time. Be ready for it.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to say: “ I want a Ukrainian wife?”