To meet a couple with the age gap of about 2-5 years between the partners is the most common case. To meet a couple with a man older than a woman has practically become a cliche because it happens so often. Much more difficult to find couples with a woman older than a man. Culturally, dating older women is perceived as an oddity. Most people will say that you started this kind of relationship for financial gain calling you a gold digger. There were also invented offensive names for women such as MILF. Even your friends may tease you for your older partner. Anyway let’s look closer at the case of age gap that relates to a relationship between older women and younger men.

Pros & Cons of Dating Older Women

As nobody believes in the existence of real feelings in this kind of relationship, it causes disapproval. But I suggest to turn a blind eye to it and look through the advantages of dating older women. And to start with, these women really know what they want. They are emotionally mature, stable and confident. They have more control over their emotions and behaviors, won’t be impulsive and have the maturity to date without playing games. The older is the woman, the less whimsical is she and does not require much attention to herself.

Dating older women who have extensive experience can extend your own knowledge in any sphere, change your point of view in a grown up way. You can learn a lot of new from your older partner, become more manly and responsible. She even may help you to find fulfillment in life. It is preferably to date a person who is confident and comfortable with himself when it comes to a long-term and strong relationship. If a woman is sure about herself, she’ll bring her confidence to the relationship. She’ll also be more confident about her body, more open to having sex at the beginning of a relationship. She knows what she wants and how to communicate that to the partner. According to a survey conducted among men, majority talked about the positive sexual relationships they experienced while dating older women.

Moreover, these women have already established in their careers so usually they are not looking for a man to invest in them. That doesn’t mean that you should leave all the financial issue to your partner, but dating older women can lessen the feeling of a burden from the duty as a man to provide your family with money.

The biggest minus of dating older women is a difficulty in having children together. The older woman is, the harder it’ll be for her to give a birth. You are still young and not willing to have children but your partner may not be able to have kids when you feel yourself ready for it. There may also be a situation when a woman already has children. She may not want to add another family member.

Another problem you may face while dating older women is the lifestyle differences. You want to lead an active lifestyle, to hang out with your friends but your date may not fit in your circle of friends and vice versa. As it was mentioned earlier, conversation with her may be very interesting as she has had more life experience and wisdom that you won’t find in a younger woman. However, she may be too mature for you, your interests can drastically differ. Both of you were born and grew during the different time periods, raised with different books and films. Having no common friends and nothing to share with your partner is a real problem for maintaining a relationship.

As people say, men fall in love with what they see. An older woman will grow old faster than you, lose her pretty appearance so you can lose your interest in her. However, if we are dealing with a case of true love, your feelings to her will survive no matter what, won’t they? Also the woman will have a stimulus to keep fit, to do sports and anti-aging treatments.

To start dating older women or to abstain from it is your own choice. Try not to take into account others opinion and remember two wonderful sayings “love has no barriers” and “love knows no age”.