Pros & Cons of Dating Older Women

To meet a couple with a gap of 2-5 years is a common case. You can often meet a couple where a man is elder than a lady. Much more difficult to see younger men dating an older woman. Culturally, dating with older women is perceived as an oddity. If you started this kind of relationship, people might call you a gold digger. There were also invented offensive names for females such as MILF. Even your friends can tease you for it. Anyway let’s look closer at the case of an age gap.

As nobody believes in the existence of real feelings in this kind of relationships, it causes disapproval. But I suggest to turn a blind eye to it and look through advantages of dating older women. To start with, these females are mature, emotionally stable and decisive. They know how to deal with emotions and behavior. With age females become less whimsical. She will give you more personal space, won`t get clingy.

One of the benefits of dating an older woman is that she has already built a career so usually she is not looking for a man to invest into her. It doesn’t mean that you should leave all the financial part to your partner, but dating a mature lady might lessen the feeling of a burden from the duty as a man to provide your family with money.

The biggest drawback is a possible difficulty in having children together. It’ll be harder to give birth. You are still young and not willing to have children but your partner may not be able to have kids when you feel ready for it. There can also be a situation when a lady already has children. She might not be ready. But it is very personal, depends on how fast your relationship grows and if you both want kids. As well as your efforts count, if you make a lady feel that you are responsible, can take care not only of her, but also future kids, she may change mind and will consider having children with you in the future. I have a wonderful story to share, an example of my friend`s mum, she got married at the age of 24, they had a baby, but in time they decided to divorce. At the age of 40 she didn`t even think about getting married twice, especially having one more child at that age. By coincidence or maybe by destiny she met a man, he took responsibility of her and a child, so at 46 she gave a birth to one more kid, which was very unexpected. But for them there were no boundaries.

Another problem you may encounter is the lifestyle differences. You want to lead an active lifestyle, to hang out with your friends but your date may not fit in your circle of friends and vice versa. As it was mentioned earlier, conversation with her may be very interesting as she has had wisdom that you won’t find in a younger girl. However, she may be too mature, your interests can drastically differ. Both of you were born and grew during the different time periods, raised with different books and films. Having no common friends and nothing to share with your partner is a real problem. While few different preferences in music, films and hobbies may attract, it can also bring difficulties.

Despite the age difference, if we are dealing with a case of true love, your feelings will survive no matter what, won’t they? Also a girl will have a motivation to keep fit and do sports.

How to date an older woman? Be independent and show your confidence. Do the things you would normally do with a lady, be courteous, polite, sexy, surprise with gifts and give compliments. Be direct and don`t play games, she is not interested in them. It takes time to manage it, but dating a mature woman will help you a lot. You shouldn`t exaggerate your age though, if you are 32, don`t pretend you are 35. But don`t compare her to younger ones. No one can compete with nature.

Why do younger men like older women? They teach a new perspective, these females are braver and more adventurous than their younger counterparts. Don`t think that the only thing to do with her is drinking tea in the kitchen while watching television. She is active, funny and ready for entertainment too. Drama is not their cup of tea, they wouldn`t care about gossips and minor problems. They are focused more on their lifestyle, improving themselves in all spheres. While girls have lots of friends, a mature lady has 1 or maximum 2 trustworthy friends checked by time, so she wouldn`t hang out with them too much. At the same time she is not jealous and knows about personal space. So if you want to hang out with your buddies from time to time, she won`t mind. Young ladies are still seeking attention while older females are confident, even though they appreciate man`s compliments, they wouldn`t fall for it too easy. They have a magnetic energy of experience and understanding of their own worth, that’s why younger men are attracted to it. They know how to control emotions, they wouldn`t overreact over a broken nail or spoiled hairstyle. But it doesn`t mean that they are cold, they know how to have fun and create a good atmosphere with a partner. Statistics show that females above 30 already have a degree and are intelligent. They are usually opinionated, can have a discussion on various topics starting from politics ending in media, travelling and meditation.

What is it like to date an older woman? It is like trying your favourite cake but with an upgrade and adding a chocolate flavor on top. She knows how to treat you and make you happy. She is attracted by your youth, enthusiasm, energy and ideas.

Signs an older woman likes you. She won`t give you hints, blinking with an eye, a smile, etc. She will directly tell you about it. She appreciates you being open for communication and can take the initiative, may text you first or invite you for the next date. She is not afraid to touch you in public showing attraction in such a way. If a younger girl is shy, sometimes blushes and is afraid to express any physical attraction, a mature lady is using open body language, confident in movements.