3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going On A Date

Before you decide to be involved in someone else`s life and devote your time to another person, there are three main questions to ask before you date.

  1. Am I ready to be in a relationship? You might feel ready to have a new adventure in your life, there are some certain points you have to consider. Make sure there is no emotional connection between you and your ex anymore, that you are not hoping to get her back and secretly are not thinking about her. If you are heartbroken and looking for a remedy to heal, this is definitely not the right way you chose. Break up needs time to get over it, it can be just a week or may take much longer time. Which questions to ask yourself to find out if you love someone? Love doesn`t disappear overnight, even if you break up, feelings do not always leave on the next day. Are you still thinking about the possible reunion, hoping that she calls you and sends you a text and you run to meet her straight away? Do you see familiar face of your ex everywhere or want blondes because of her image? Then you definitely need time to let it go. But if you are psychologically and physically free and ready to fall in love, then you can go on a date with clear mind and open your heart.
  2. Second important question is : “Are you happy”. You might be surprised why and how it is connected with going on the first date. It is directly connected. When a person is happy, either male or female, he is not seeking happiness in another person, he is complete. So a lady is going to complement you, to contribute, but not complete. Are you a friend to yourself? If you don`t feel bored alone, you will make a good company to your partner. When you have hobbies, you won`t get clingy and demand extra attention. When you are at the stage of life when your own happiness depends on you, you are mature and can share your life. Get a list of questions:
    • What gets you excited in life?
    • What is your secret wish?
    • What would you do if you had one million dollars?
    • What would you do if you were a woman?
    • What`s your belief?
    • What would you do if you knew nobody would judge you?
    • Have you ever done something worth remembering?
    • Which activities make you forget the whole world?

    You can also ask yourself questions about a relationship you want to know what exactly you are looking for.

  3. Would you date yourself? Let`s start with your appearance. Do you feel attracted when looking in the mirror? Do you take care of your looks not only when going on a date, but also in every day routine? Self-care has always been a priority. Looks are not everything, but it plays an important role. Are you confident enough to take important decisions or do you always wait for someone to hint which direction to go? A lady would feel confident too next to such a gentleman, who is witty, has a good sense of humor and knows what he is doing. So if you are fine to take you out and you are totally in harmony, it is a good sign.

You should think about one more important question before dating, what are you looking for in a relationship ? If your answer is “just getting bored”, “need someone to make me happy”, then you are on the wrong track. If you are bored, get a new hobby, which fills up your routine, go out with friends or learn a new language, for example Chinese, and you never get bored. If you want someone to pat you, get a puppy or a kitten.

Knowing what you want, respecting yourself and others, keeping positive attitude are the main things to know before getting into a relationship.

How to enter into a relationship?

Don`t enter it just for the sake of the status, just to shout out to the whole world : “I have a girlfriend”. Society sometimes puts boundaries that to be single is not healthy, it is better with someone. If you consider a potential partner, don`t be obsessed with her appearance only. Pay attention to personal qualities more: kindness, sense of humour, witty mind. Mutual interests are essential. If you consider meeting a lady locally, you can visit a sport club, take a language course where you might possibly meet a person you like. If you prefer online dating, then you should pay attention to a matchmaking process. It save your time, but it gives you more chances to find a soulmate, because a group of experienced professionals are there to help you. Facebook or Instagram may be the case too. In the 21st century it is not weird anymore to use Internet as a way of finding a partner. Avoid potential abusive or manipulative partners in order not to get hurt in time. There are some “red flags”: jealousy without any reason, controlling behavior, blaming.

In order to have healthy relationship you should be friends first, build trust, be open, don`t expect another person to change.