Reasons to choose matchmaking service in Ukraine

If you are reading my article perhaps you already know that is a boutique matchmaking service in Ukraine that specializes in introducing truly special, open-minded, romantic, and curios singles who strongly believe that all borders are only in your head and international couples have way more fun and romance in their unique relationship.

Perhaps you have even watched the blog on YouTube, or you have listened to our Podcast. We share at least 2 videos per week with practical dating tips and advice for men. And also, we have a separate blog in the Russian language hosted by our cupids for ladies. The Podcast is a new format for us though it is already gaining new followers and admires. We produce lots of quality content because we want to share our decade of experience to help many gentlemen and ladies avoid popular mistakes and, of course, to make sure they choose international dating for all the right reasons.

Matchmaking in Ukraine – do you even need it in 2021? Some men think they should simply text to girls they find attractive on Facebook or a free dating site, or maybe simply travel over and walk down the streets, go out and meet some hot local girls on their own.

In theory, it sounds easy while in reality, it is not so. Even local men struggle with approaching women in the streets and not because they lack self-confidence, experience in courting women, or flirting skills. In 2021 it is hard to spot a girl in the mall or walking down the street who doesn’t have headphones on and a smartphone in her hand listening to a pop song, audiobook, podcast, or video on YouTube, or simply busy texting and talking to a friend.

I am writing this article while having coffee in a cozy coffee shop not far from the office in Kharkov. I am looking around and spot couples who are having branches, groups of friends who are laughing loudly, some young programmers dressed in hoodies with the logos of big IT companies located in the neighborhood, and several cute girls who are engrossed with their laptops, phones, and all are wearing headphones. Does it scream like “approach me, I am available?”. No! And I am actually one of them working on this article while having coffee with orange juice. Once a brave gentleman in his middle thirties has approached me here asking my name. I have smiled back and politely have told him that I am happily married. He looked so disappointed. I wonder how many times he has approached women who have boyfriends and husbands. For sure he should keep trying. And I remind you he is a local tall, young, handsome Russian-speaking man. Why is he still single then?

Every year we are getting more local male clients who are not ready to face further disappointments and waste more time trying to meet someone online or offline in the streets.

There is this cliché that any dating agency in Ukraine caters just to foreign men. Of course, we can’t speak about all companies in Ukraine, but our matchmaking agency is getting fresh local male clients every year. Naturally, these are people who are willing to invest in professional service and who are not willing to waste more time and get extra heartache on their own.

are the main reasons to choose a marriage agency in Ukraine? Well, if you are into dating Slavic ladies then this is the least time-consuming, safest, and most efficient method to succeed. You will be introduced only to ladies who are single and looking for a relationship, who consider dating a foreigner, share your values, and have similar long-term goals, and who will not stand you up and will show up on a date with you. You will also be provided with all the essential dating tips and advice to help you overcome cultural differences and actually succeed in winning the heart of a foreign beauty.