Hey, you… yes, you, my friend! I am happy that you are reading these words. Since, if you ARE reading them, you are not lost for this society and care about good relationship with your woman. That is why, having read this article, you will definitely find a couple of good advice on relationship which will help you get on really well with your better half.

I am sure, it is not a secret for you that modern society has levelled the roles of men and women, however they still have one clear distinction between each other which cannot be argued: men are physically stronger than women. That is why, initially, in ancient times only representatives of the sterner sex were great warriors, knights and soldiers. They fought enemies, protected their homes from predators and took responsibility for the lives of their wives and children.

You can say that nowadays there is no threat from wild animals or pirates, but a MAN must be ready to protect his house from burglars and his lady from bullies. To my regret, times when men were both brave and noble soldiers and just usual citizens have passed away. But it does not mean that men do not have to take responsibility for their ladies. So, although men do not need to be warriors anymore and stand against attacks of enemies, they have a new responsibility – protect their dearest women from emotional commotions, worries and respect them. So, we offer you some relationship advice which will help you be the knight for your woman.

Relationship advice #1. Do not stint for compliments.

If your lady looks gorgeous, let her know about it. Unfortunately, a lot of men look at their girlfriends or wives thinking how beautiful they are, but never say this aloud. They think that women know about it and do not consider it necessary to make a stress on this fact, but… You, my friend, must understand that we, women, will never get tired of listening to compliments. It is true, but we are always unsure of our beauty, and if you tell us something nice, if you “remind” or “notice” that your lady looks great, it will rise her self-confidence.

Relationship advice #2. Never stare at other women when you are with your lady.

Being a wise woman, I understand that looking at beautiful women around is natural for men. However, I deeply believe that it is better for men to control these impulses. If you are having a dinner with your lady and she notices that you look at another pretty woman, she may think you want her to be like this stranger and this thought will tease her all the time. But, if your lady is sure that she is the centre of your attention, she will feel more confident.

Relationship advice #3. Keep her away from harmful media and bad friends.

As you have noticed, appearance plays a huge role for women. So, if your girl reads some magazines or watches programs, full of “beauty standards”, switch her attention to another media which will not impose anything. Tell her that you do not think skinny women are attractive, or plastic surgery makes ladies more beautiful.

The last thing I will tell you is that women want to look good not only for men, but for other women as well. They always compete with each other and try to impress other girls. So, if your lady has friends who like criticize other’s looks, take your dear away from them. Spend more time together and this will definitely strengthen your relationships.