Relationship Compatibility Factors

What is the definition of compatibility in a couple? Is it worth considering while choosing a partner for a lifetime? Definitely yes, it is one of the key factors. Is it possible that people of completely different professions may be happy together and does it influence compatibility in your relationship? It has some impact as well. If you are a farmer and your passion is nature, taking care of animals, living in the countryside, a girl who cannot stand nature and loves to be indoor won`t be a good match then.

Meaning of compatibility involves your views in life, occupation, family background, temper, character, style of life, understanding in relationships.

Compatibility in love doesn`t end on horoscope signs. Even though it has some impact, but don`t go too far. Don`t ask at the first date what`s her Zodiac sign, if you are Leo and you have read an article that Libra is not compatible with you, don`t run away, there are many other factors. But my female friend believes in astrology too much. She is an Aries, she has been literally avoiding guys with a star sign of Virgo. Her ex was a Virgo, a male friend that they didn`t get along with was Virgo too. So she didn`t find them attractive for any connection at all. But the funny thing she ended up marrying a guy who is Virgo sign by horoscope. As you see horoscope doesn’t play such a big part when you meet your true soulmate.

Can an extrovert be compatible with introvert? Or only the same tempers can get along? More often people with the same personality get dominant over each other.

There are many love factors:

  1. Emotional. If both male and female are open about their feelings, like to share their thoughts, it is equally important to discuss problems rather than being detached from each other. A man is compatible with a woman, if their emotional level is common. They can laugh together at the same jokes, watch a film and be excited about situation or vice versa express sad feelings and empathy. When a partner has a problem, he will go to his better half to solve it, because he knows that he will receive support there. It is important to genuinely understand each other in relationship.
  2. Physical. Having chemistry between you is essential part for a couple, but not the most important one. If you feel physical attraction to your partner as well as emotional, you are the luckiest person on earth. Sexual attraction without any emotional background will not last long. It is good for a short fling, but not enough for marriage. If you are connected on a spiritual level, but not really on a physical, you have a chance to develop it.
  3. Social. Being sociable influences as well. If you come to a party, your girlfriend has fun, jokes, enjoys being around people and you just stick around, getting scared to be on your own in a company, it is not a good idea. If it is equally convenient to be with your partner on your own and out with friends, it is a positive sign.
  4. Money. How does it impact? You should have the same view on spending money. And it is better to decide either you have a common budget or you prefer to make it separate.
  5. Respecting each other`s way of spending and using it wisely.

  6. Religion. You can be representatives of different religions, but you should tolerate each other religious views. Then this topic will not become an obstacle for you in the future.
  7. Goals and plans for the future. If you look at the same direction, you both want to get married, have a strong family, kids, then the percentage of compatibility grows. You won`t argue about your vacation plans, family values, it is crucial factor.
    It doesn`t mean you have to love the same colour, films, have the same favourite drink, book and pet. Differences make a couple interesting and bright. It is nice to share but not argue. If you feel comfortable with each other, loved and understood, it is what really matters.