International relationship is so romantic and challenging at the same time. If you are ready to cross the ocean to meet your best half you can handle it. Of course there will be more relationship problems than only distance. Let`s discuss some of them.    

Relationship problem: Language barrier. It will take some time before you and your lady will start talking the same language. In the beginning of relationship, it might be difficult to express yourself. You might have some awkward and funny situations because of language barrier. She might need your help time to time. You should be sympathetic and help her to fight her shyness and uncertainty in talking with waiters and sellers. Be tolerant and helpful to your sweetheart. Sign her up for a language course where she will not only learn the language but find new friends as well.       

Relationship problem: Jealousy. When you stay far away from each other for a very long time you start to feel everything more acutely. It is normal to feel jealous time to time but still try not to do it. Trust is one of the most important things in relationship. Be confident in yourself and in your partner. Don`t let bad thoughts visit your mind.   

Relationship problem: Misunderstanding. International couples very often have misunderstandings in communication and in relationship in general, especially when you are far away from each other. Sometimes we read text messages from our beloved people and put a different meaning in it. For example you were in a good mood and wrote a funny message to your girlfriend but she read it in a bad mood and got mad. Unfortunately you can`t predict her mood being far away. Just wait until she calms down to explain her that it was a joke.      

Relationship problem: Loneliness. It`s a common problem for couples in a long distance relationship. Of course you will feel lonely time to time without your sweetheart. But thanks God we live in time of technical progress and have the opportunity to speak and see each other whenever we want. Just imagine that time when people was waiting months to get a note from their beloved ones.     

Relationship problem: Waiting period. Exhausting period of time when you have to wait for the result from the embassy about getting the visa for your lady. For some countries applicants need to pass a language exam as well. It is very important to stay positive, believe the best and support your lady. Because you are going to be together very soon!  

Relationship problem: Relocation. When you get all the documents, you can finally move in together. It`s time to pack suitcases and buy fly tickets. If your girlfriend owns an apartment and a car you have to decide what to do with them. If she has a pet you will need to find a new home for it or take it with you. Would be nice from you to arrange a goodbye party for your sweetheart and invite her family and close friends. She is going to miss them.  

Relationship problem: Adaptation. You are finally together. There is no distance between you anymore. You wake up next to your love and you have breakfast together. Then you go to work and she stays home alone in a foreign country. You need to help her not to feel like outsider in a new country. Introduce her to your friends, sign her up for a language course or present her a membership to a gym. You can find a volunteering program for her if she wants of course.

The main thing to remember is that true love can cope with any problems. Won`t be afraid to face the problems if you want to achieve your goal.