Not so long ago we conducted a survey among ladies from Ukraine using the services of our matchmaking agency. The idea was to find out what the most romantic dinner they had ever had was like. Many ladies from Ukraine said the first thing that came to their minds was food they had during the dinner! Can you imagine that? And what about you? What is the first thing that comes to your mind? The most romantic dinner with a woman dear to you and you remember only what you eat!And what about the fantastic walk in the moonlight? Or the most important words you said? Didn’t you see the beautiful sunset through the window of the posh restaurant? How did it happen that you hadn’t heard the charming sound of the violon, playing the sweetest melody ever!

I hope you will agree with me that a romantic dinner for two is a meaningful event that you must remember. So when you will face the challenge to organize a date with the ladies from Ukraine you would like to meet look at the following ideas to make your dinner a perfect one!

  1. A fantastic date in the sky. roof date

If you ask your matchmaker, she will definitely help you with finding a good restaurant somewhere «in the sky». Fortunately, Kharkiv is developing and we have many new buildings with high-quality restaurants on the roof, from which you can enjoy the beautiful views of the city lit by the setting sun, or shimmering light of the street lamps in the night darkness. The roof is a great place for a romantic dinner. This is a place where  you can hide from nosy strangers and enjoy each other’s company and outstanding views.

      2. A romantic dinner on the water.

Another way to have a great evening with your lady is to organize a date somewhere near water. The sea, ocean, waterfall, river or lake can make the atmosphere mysterious and limitless. For a date on the water, do not forget to take some warm clothes with you in case your lady gets cold.

      3. A romantic dinner on the

Do you want to stun your date? Then ask your matchmaker to help you organize the most unusual date for both you and your lady. I am sure, it is possible to arrange a «closed» dinner on the stage of one of our numerous theatres. You will definitely have to order food and hire waiters, but it is worth it. Still, keep in mind that depending on the day your date could be a late one, since the performances in the theatre last till about 10.00 p.m.

      4. A romantic dinner in the museum.

If one of the ladies from Ukraine you want to impress likes art, you are highly recommended to arrange a date in one of the galleries or museums of our city. Taking into an account the fact that economic situation in Ukraine is not very good now, many of art galleries and museums will be happy to help two sweethearts for «modest fee».

       5. A romantic dinner in the nature.

best date

In the summer, when the weather is warm and dry you can spend an evening in the fresh air, in one of the forests Kharkiv has to offer. Take a basket filled with light food and wine and seclude yourselves in a cosy meadow. Listen to the birds singing and enjoy the calmness far from the noise of the city. I am sure both you and your date will have a good time that you will remember.

You may think that it is difficult to organize some of the dates I have described because you do not know the city, the prices, the best restaurants. However you must remember that you have a good friend here — your matchmaking agency which will gladly help you in arranging whatever date you want. And one more thing, ladies from Ukraine are not fastidious, but I am sure, they are worth good attention from the man, who hopes to find his happiness here.