I would like to share my experience with Diolli.com.  I still had not given up finding love and decided to give matchmaking a try since online dating was not working out.

I researched Diolli and decided to talk to them.  I filled out their form and got in touch with me, and we talked about my position and what I was looking for in a wife.

They succeeded in introducing me to a fabulous woman who has become my fiancé. But the team at diolli.com did way more than that.  They advised us on how to establish and maintain a long distance relationship, was there for us for any questions, provided a translator for numerous Skype sessions and gave excellent advice on good places to meet to enjoy some fabulous vacations.

Once we decided to become engaged, the team at Diolli was there for us, in helping my fiancé and I to get all the necessary documents and helped my fiancé fill out forms and prepare her for the consulate visit to successfully obtain our fiancé visit.

As an example of their dedication to a successful coupling, was when I went to Kharkiv to visit my fiancé’s family.  To my surprise, they again provided me with a translator to facilitate a great meeting with her family. It was a wonderful event and I do not think the meeting would have been so successful without their help.  I never thought of asking for that help, much less asked, but the Diolli team obviously has the experience and the know how to help make things happen.

In America, we have a term, Service after the sale, that describes a good company that continues to do great things for a client even after the sale is complete, and the team at Diolli fits that perfectly

one note to make, I thought it would be awkward to go on dates with a translator, and when  Diolli provided me with a translator for my visit with my fiancé’s family I was grateful but thought it would be awkward but the translators are real professionals that know how to facilitate good conversation and it turned out not to be awkward at all.