Sex… this is the word which many people are shy to say, still it is something that all people like doing and that is why it plays an important role in the life of both men and women. For that reason we could not help telling you, my dear friend, some interesting sex facts about women.

  1. According to a survey, the best time when women are ready for sex is Saturday night. The reason for this is simple. A woman has had a day off, she is not tired and she knows that she will not have to go to work on Sunday. So, if it is Saturday night, you must be all armed, my friend, because you are very likely to have some sex.
  2. A wish to make love outside the bedroom is also one of surprising sex facts about women.  According to a research, not all women dream of making love only in their bed.  About 40% of those who took part in the research said they would gladly substitute routine sex in a boring bed with sex in the nature. While more than a half of the participants said they would prefer to have sex in the open air.
  3. Most of the women say that they have breathtaking sex only with a man they love and the one who loves them back and only such a man can bring them real pleasure.
  4. As for me, one of the funniest sex facts about women is that hungry girls have sex more often. They say that the lack of nutrients make the weaker sex get used to having sex more often.
  5. Listening to favorite music can replace sex. Scientists claim that listening to favorite pieces of music can have the same influence on women as tasty food or making love. Having examined several women-volunteers, they have found out that nice music makes a woman’s organism produce dopamine, which is responsible for satisfaction.
  6. Sex slows ageing. Having conducted some researches, scientists came to a conclusion that elderly women look younger if they continue sexual life. And women, who lead active sexual life, are generally healthier and happier than those, who have forgotten what sex is.
  7. One of the most striking sex facts about women is that every woman can have two types of orgasm — clitoral and vaginal.

Clitoral orgasm is very similar to the one that men feel. It starts with a slight and steady growing excitement, which leads to a tempestuous but short culmination (about 5-8 seconds). The difference is that after such orgasm women can restore almost immediately and in several minutes are absolutely ready to continue making love.

As for vaginal orgasm, its culmination is not so brightly expressed and can last up to half an hour. What is more, such orgasms can follow one another almost without an interval.

  1. An average woman thinks that foreplay must take more than the third part of a sexual act. However this figure is not the same in different countries. For example, Ukrainian women, for example leave 40% of time for the foreplay, while Brazilians think that about 15% is more than enough.
  2. One of the cutest sex facts about women is that trying on shoes can excite women. The first reason is that these shoes are new. Secondly feet massage brings women great erotic pleasure. That is because there are special points at the ridge of toes which make blood flow to genitals (according to what acupuncturists say).
  3. The lighter your touch is, the more a woman feels. It is very interesting that it is not even necessary to literally touch a woman’s skin, it is enough to move your hand a couple of millimeters from it. That is because when you press skin with your fingers you make an effect on the receptors situated in epidermis, while when your hand is «flying» over skin it will «disturb» short hairs, which will send signals to the receptors that would not otherwise be under effect.

Having listed 10 sex facts about women, I want to finish with a very important piece of information. It is known that an average sexual intercourse on planet Earth lasts for three minutes and a half, while it will take an average woman at least 15 minutes to reach an orgasm… Do you still wonder where all the wars and depressions come from?
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