10 sex facts about women

Sex is what many people are shy to discuss, still it is something all people like doing and it plays an important role in the life of both male and female. It has many benefits, reduces stress, helps you to keep fit, boosts your immune system, so if you feel a little bit under the weather, opt for a little sexual healing. We cannot resist from telling you some interesting sex facts about women.

  1. One of the funniest facts about a woman: hungry ladies have sex more often. The lack of nutrients make a lady get used to having intimacy more frequently. Also according to a research eating an apple a day boosts sexual function of a female. So eating an apple a day doesn`t only keep the doctor away, but also is a sort of aphrodisiac. Make sure you never run out of this juicy fruit in your fridge.
  2. A wish to make love outside the bedroom is also one of surprising sex facts about a girl. According to a research, not all females dream of making love only in their bed. 40% of those who took part in the research said they would gladly substitute routine intimacy in a bed with extravagant places like bathroom while taking a hot bath with a glass of bubbly before, or even a kitchen.
  3. It slows ageing. Elderly ladies look younger if they continue sexual life and are generally healthier and happier than those who don`t.
  4. Most of the ladies mention having breathtaking sex only with a man they love and the one who loves them back and only such man can bring them a real pleasure. So you should first build trust, win love and then she will be more open to experiments and desire to give you pleasure.
  5. A foreplay an indispensable part, which must take the third part of an act. However this figure is not the same in different countries. For example, Ukrainian ladies, leave 40% of time for the foreplay, while Brazilians think 15% is enough. And it is actually very personal, even though it is not a secret that it is essential part of intimacy. In such a way you can show your admiration in her body, not paying attention to imperfections, emphasizing only advantages. Play with breast, it is an erogenous zone and a woman`s brain lits up and gives an arousal effect. Enjoy the process, do not be in a hurry to score a goal as soon as possible, relax and enjoy the moment.
  6. Make love. Psychological facts about females prove physical interaction to be more than just an exercise. She will remember how she feels with you, what you say, the atmosphere, smell and even the color of your underwear. Being romantic also contributes to satisfying your lady.
  7. Asking questions like “Are you alright? Do you like this? Am I better than your ex in bed?” during intimacy is not the best idea. The same thing is if you ask: “How do you feel? Helen, my ex, used to adore this”. Believe me, it is going to end up in hurt feelings. It will be better, if you guess by reaction and body response.
  8. You must not recite to a girl all the Kama Sutra poses you know. Better she gives you a compliment after. Don`t mention all your previous partners either.
  9. Females have tempestuous but short culmination (15 seconds) which is a bit different from men`s which is approximately 5-8 seconds. What is interesting is that after that a lady can restore almost immediately and in several minutes is absolutely ready to continue making love.
  10. Here are some interesting facts about sexuality in different age. A girl from the age of 16 to 25 starts exploring her body. She might have 1 partner or 3. From 25 to 38 a female already knows what she needs and is a wonderful lover. After 38 a woman is in harmonious relationship with her body and knows how to get and give pleasure.

Facts about women show that they are unlikely to have random sex. They would rather opt for an intimacy with a person they know and trust than a stranger. Maybe for some girls it is exciting to have a one-night stand, but it is better to prioritize safety. Why do most of the girls opt out a one-night stand? Because they have high expectations on emotional level.

Taking into consideration all above mentioned hot facts about girls, you have a better understanding now of a female`s nature and the reason of attitude to such delicate things as intimacy. Attitude to it is different for men and women. As the research show men have special neurons which override the urge of food while the possibility of sexual intercourse is present, but women would choose differently. Just because the statistics show such true things, does it mean that is it applicable for all people 100%? Definitely not, each case is different, so try to listen to your partner more and understand what she prefers. It is important to connect with your partner in meaningful ways as a couple first in order to understand each other. Intimacy includes emotional, intellectual and physical connection. Your sex life is something more than what is happening between the sheets, take care of your partner and connect spiritually. It will influence all aspects of your relationship including physical as well.