So many people are clients of dating sites or marriage agencies nowadays. All of them dream to find a real love and live happily ever after. They want to believe in a fairy tale, what actually happens, but not unfortunately for everyone. Thousand and thousand people spend their evenings online searching for a soul mate to spend the rest of the life with.

People trust they life stories and interesting details about them to the total strangers who they have never even seen in a real life. Can you imagine, how many secrets and private information social network has been keeping. How many dramas and people love stories are there?

I myself really love to read client`s feedbacks of marriage agencies and dating sites. Their unbelievable stories inspire to actions. But it is not a secret that many of unlucky experiences we have no idea about because they were passed over in silence. Many people who used a low-quality dating sites were tricked and instead of love in Internet they had got “sex in Internet”.

By “sex in Internet” I mean the situations where clients were tricked and frustrated. Unfortunately on a low-quality dating sites you can see many fake profiles, pictures of famous people or even porno stars. Nobody can guarantee you that the information about them is real, you can`t be sure about their sex either. There`s the possibility you share your emotions and secrets to a man or to a student who decided to earn money with your help. That`s pity but “sex in Internet” happens.

The most common man mistake is: he sees a beautiful and sexy profile picture of a lady on a low-quality dating site and starts to trust her and opens his soul immediately. The lady starts to cry about her difficult fate, tells him a few sad stories about her life and “sex in Internet” happens. The man feels sorry for the girl and sends her money because how couldn`t he, she is so beautiful and she should be happy and he can help her with it. He sends money, then maybe sends more and more and one day he stops to receive the letters from her and can`t understand what happened, what he did wrong. He did nothing wrong and happened what I call “sex in Internet”. The lady (if she is a lady in general) just used the trustworthy man for money.

Another very popular situation is when a man after chatting online for a long-long time with a pretty face on the profile picture has decided to meet the woman in real life. He packs a suitcase and takes a long flight to finally meet his online soul mate. And there is happen “sex in Internet”. Unexpectedly she finds many reasons not to show up at the airport to meet him there and doesn`t show up for a date either. Can you imagine the feelings of the man and his disappointment. His heart is broken, he is alone in a new country, he is shocked and frustrated. Few men who had this situation visited our matchmaking office by the way. We heard their stories firsthand and we felt so sorry for them. Of course we did our best to help them in their situation.

And one of the most common accident is when a man meets his online lady though but he is not able to recognize her because the only common thing she has with the girl on the profile picture is the same color of scarf. “Sex in Interenet” happens again. After all these stories, a false information about occupation or about the age is not really a big deal.  

Dear men if you decided to arrange your private life by dating site or marriage agency, please, do a little research about it, read feedbacks. Check information about the company you chose to work with, its history of creation, how many years of experience it has.

Pay particular attention to the reputation of the company, if they are members of prestigious alliances and international associations, do they take part in any dating conferences or big professional forums.   

Have love but not “sex in Internet”.