Being a woman, I can tell you that the topic of sex on the first date is rather a controversial issue for us.  For some women it is a usual thing, other find it indecent and say that girls who have sex on the first date are badly-bred. Probably, that is because the first date is a crucial point in the beginning of every relationship and can influence it a lot.

That is why, we have carried out our personal investigation to find out what our women clients think of having sex on the first date and are ready to share its results.  

Olga: During the first date I try to make the man I am dating like me. I usually flirt and try to make him understand that I am not against to continue our meeting in a different place. Still, if the man gets me wrong, or does something I will not like, nothing will happen. You may think that I am a woman of loose morals if I am ready to have sex on the first date with a man, who I do not know really well. However, I am totally sure, that if I decide to go on a date with someone, I like him and if everything goes right, why not spend a good time together?

Julia: As for me, I do not think that having sex on the first date is a good idea. I think that it is better to see each other a couple of times to get to know each other better and understand what we like. I truly believe that haste makes waste and our ancestors knew something, when they brought up girls telling them it was good to have sex after marriage.

Nataliia: A friend of mine met her boyfriend in a club. Moreover, she was the one who asked him to continue the night at her place. You may not believe me, but they are still together. However, it is the only case in my life.

Speaking of myself, I have had sex on the first date a couple of times thinking that there would be something exciting and romantic. Unfortunately, all men are the same, especially those who you meet for the first time. Only the man you love can be the best sexual partner for you. Therefore I see no point in having sex on the first date, except when you are desperate because you have not had sexual relationship with the opposite sex for a long time.

Elena: I am a big fan of the sitcom “Sex and the City”, in which one of the characters, Carrie Bradshaw, had sex with the man of her dreams on the first date. After that she had been suffering for six whole seasons before she did get married with him. Still, the question of when to have sex with a man depends on a woman’s personal world outlook, her family and cultural traditions. In my opinion, it must not be a question of debate, since if it is love, you will feel chemistry from the very beginning, and can have sex on the first date. If not, you will not be attracted to each other sexually and none of you will think of wasting your time and efforts on something that will give you no pleasure.

Juliia: I had never been a fan of sex on the first date. Still, once I broke up with my boyfriend and my friends made me go to a disco with them. In the club I decided to let my head relax and after a couple of shots I found myself talking to a handsome man at the bar stand. I do not remember when we started kissing, not to mention being in a taxi taking us to his place. What I remember is that the night was superb and the emotions we both had were outstanding. In the morning we had breakfast together, looked at each other with sober eyes and… we started going out with each other. However, not long ago we broke up, still we have stayed friends and I can state that sex on the first date can often be good and useful.