Sexiest Things a Guy Can Wear – According to Women

Since childhood, we are taught not to judge a book by its cover, but, nevertheless, we inevitably form the first impression about a person by their appearance. Women are no exception: although it is believed that they love with their ears, a sense of style in a man is also highly welcomed. And sometimes we are talking about not only the hottest outfits for guys but also about all sorts of little things and elements of appearance. Do you want to know what most of them find attractive and what does not escape their gaze?

Then read and find out what elements of men’s fashion women are crazy about, consider to be sexy things for guys to wear and why you should pay attention to them.

10. Glasses.

In this case, a lot depends on the preferences, and most importantly, on the girl’s associations and beliefs. For example, if she has always believed that glasses were typical of boring nerds, then this accessory will hardly hook her; moreover, it can even repel her. If she once decided that they were worn by charismatic, intellectually developed, and purposeful men, then the likelihood that she would find it a part of the sexiest outfit for men is much higher.

The reason why this point is still included in the article is that statistics and studies show that there are more girls in the second group. They believe that glasses (including sunglasses) make men more mysterious and seductive, that this is a sign of a good sense of style. Therefore, an attempt to try this accessory will most likely pay off. It is only important not to forget that glasses can both decorate and disfigure the face if you choose them incorrectly, so you need to approach the purchase wisely.

9. A tailored jacket.

In the modern world, suits are most often used only for business and social events. But gentlemen greatly underestimate the lasting impression that these clothes have on ladies. Although it would be quite worth using this on dates since a high-quality and properly selected suit figure adds at least 100 points to attractiveness at once. Any girl is pleased not only to look at an elegantly dressed man but also to think that he deliberately dressed like that for her.

Psychologists believe that a V-shaped male figure is a sign of good health and a lot of testosterone. Therefore, when choosing a suit, they advise giving preference to jackets of the same shape, that is, fitted to the figure. This gives you the right accents and makes you look more masculine with wide shoulders and strong arms.

8. A cashmere sweater.

Choosing clothes, both sexes often do not realize that the material from which this or that thing is made also has an emotional and psychological effect on the interlocutors.

Genuine cashmere is an expensive and rare material. It is a very thin, soft, and warm woolen or semi-woolen fabric, products from which are characterized by lightness and very pleasant to the touch. Studies show that when given the opportunity to choose, girls prefer this particular fabric over leather, silk, or wool. And it is not surprising, because cashmere sweaters, due to the listed special qualities of the material, make the image of a man less strict, but softer and warmer. In addition to the fact that cashmere is very pleasant to touch, psychologically it also sets you in a more positive mood and gives a feeling of comfort and calmness from being near a person.

7. Pink T-shirts or shirts.

Now pink is considered exclusively girly. However, pink garments are among attractive men’s casual clothing, as this color looks quite beneficial and often attracts an interested female gaze, as it demonstrates self-confidence and independence from public opinion. Scientists have also found that people who wear pink clothes look happier and more positive. However, if we speak of what to wear for guys, we are not talking about acidic raspberry shades, but about pastel or pale pink.

A small, but no less remarkable nuance for a woman’s eye is the turn-up of the shirt sleeves. This gives the image some casualness and informality. Still, tucking up the sleeves should not be done randomly so that it does not look untidy.

6. A leather jacket.

If there is a timeless, classic, and truly daring item, which is one of the sexiest clothes for guys, it is definitely a leather jacket. Genuine leather products look very expensive and take style to a whole new level, giving their owner a sense of self-confidence.

Genuine leather is soft and opens up a large field for experimentation. Designers create a variety of styles of this outerwear option. Approaching your choice with a fair amount of pickiness, you can create an image of both a dangerous and bad guy and a chic, first-class sharp-dresser. And the most important advantage of leather jackets is that they are timeless and popular, regardless of the rapidly changing trends.

5. A stylish watch.

In the age of electronic technology, we are used to checking the time exclusively using smartphones. In the meantime, we have completely forgotten that a simple and easy twist of the wrist is a much more elegant way of knowing what time it is. A watch is almost the only accessory that men should wear every day. Over time, you can even put together a collection and combine different options with clothes, change the straps depending on the situation, so that they perfectly complement your lifestyle and lifestyle.

And this is really important: as we already found out on the previous points, women pay close attention to details, and a watch is like your own signature and is a constituent part of hot outfits for men. Even a fitness watch is better than no watch at all. The only thing you shouldn’t strive for is extravagance: diamonds and gold are superfluous; girls admit that they value simplicity and sophistication in this accessory more.

4. Sportswear.

Just like girls wearing tracksuits and yoga pants attract the gentlemen’s eyes, tracksuits are among the best clothes for guys that make the same impression on girls. Such an effect is probably hidden behind the banal fact that the majority like sporty people. Secondly, those who play sports tend to be confident, open, and easygoing.

It is best to choose sportswear which makes you feel as comfortable as possible morally and physically. And yet, there are a couple of remarks if we are still talking about how to look sexiest and attractive. The rule is simple: the number of clothes should not be either too big or too small. That is, several T-shirts stretched on top of each other look just as bad as shorts that are too short, more like underpants.

3. The right jeans.

Jeans are as timeless as a leather jacket. Any gentleman, regardless of age or body type, needs a pair of perfect jeans in his closet. Yes, finding the most suitable and comfortable pair is often not so easy, but your efforts will pay off in full, that’s for sure.

Based on the observations and reviews of the ladies, the following conclusions can be drawn: the classics are immortal. You should not give preference to extremely tight or, on the contrary, too loose jeans. Also, do not experiment with colors or overly bold design solutions. Black or dark blue jeans with a fitted, but not slimming cut are the right choice.

2. Coat.

Today you can see a huge number of styles of men’s coats – of different lengths, from different fabrics, and so on. There are models for business people, active students, for daily wear and special occasions. A properly selected coat always looks stylish and solid.

If you are in doubt about which style to choose, go for a classic or a casual coat, preferably in restrained colors. Both of them have one important distinctive quality – versatility. Both options can be successfully combined with both business suits and jeans and sneakers.

1. Shoes.

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. And shoes are considered a reflection of style. Nowadays, both sexes generally prefer sneakers to all other shoe options. But believe me, according to various guides telling how to dress hot for guys, there is nothing more stylish and beautiful than a graceful combination of classic shoes with suits and casual shoes with jeans and a shirt.

Based on the look of your shoes, ladies can interpret several things about you at once. Poor-quality shoes reduce the cost of the whole image and unequivocally allude to a not too high standard of living, worn-out and dirty shoes prove that you do not really care about yourself and your appearance. But stylish shoes or moccasins give out good taste, indicating a certain status and self-esteem. Women also pay attention to the appropriateness of this or that shoe option for different occasions. So, this is definitely a piece of clothing worth investing in without a twinge of conscience.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.