Sexy and smart, smart and sexy – are both great qualities for a woman!

Where can you find this kind of women? Do they even exist?

I want to give an advice for men who are looking for a woman with these qualities: If you want to find a sexy girl – look for a smart one!

The phrase “smart is the new sexy” has been popularized in recent years — and cheers to that. But really, smart has always been sexy.

Sexy girl is a girl who’s mind is full of knowledge. A woman is beautiful only when her personality is beautiful. I would describe women that are only physically attractive as “sexy”, and women that are emotionally and physically attractive as “sexy and smart”. 

Smart women can carry on a conversation on different topics for hours. While having a nice conversation with a smart woman you can feel a connection and sparkle between you and her. After that you will see a smart woman as a sexy woman. You should realize, if a woman can tickle your brain in the right way, she can tickle other parts of you too. Women that can’t carry a conversation, or can’t keep up with your sense of humor, can’t keep your interest.

Truth to be told, the sexiest thing about a woman really is her mind. Smart is not necessarily about memorizing lots of history dates or speaking many languages. It encompasses the ability to listen, to learn, to be part of a conversation, and most important of all, to be curious.

Have you ever thought that the bonus of a smart and curious woman can be her willing to experiment in the bedroom as well?

Smart woman is a well-educated woman who knows what is going on in the world, who is open-minded and independent. She doesn’t need to tell about how smart she is or destroys someone in an argument. She will not send you hundreds of messages and bother you all the time because she is busy with her own world. She has many hobbies and interests. She lives in harmony with herself. Her life is full of activities and events. It does her more desirable and sexy in men`s eyes.

Smart women care about a lot of things as they care about themselves. Smart lady cares about her body, skin and hair, her look and her mind. What again makes her look sexy. A woman has to be smart to understand that to look sexy is important.

Sexy girl should be smart enough not to look vulgarly. She should feel the happy medium in looking not to smart and not to sexy. Ideally, she should be a great mix of both.

Smart girl knows how to flirt and how to support and take care about her man. She knows how to make him absolutely happy.

So what type of guy can handle the smart and sexy girl? The short answer to this question is “the smart and sexy man.” 

To find a smart and sexy girl you should be an intelligent and successful by your own. Only a self-sufficient man can handle that type of women. Loving a smart girl is taking the difficult path.  Loving a smart and sexy girl is a real challenge.

You can find that kind of woman at art galleries, theaters, good restaurants or at a professional respectable matchmaking agency. Smart and sexy girls have a good taste!  

Men who blow off intelligent women might just be protecting their fragile masculine egos. 

I want to finish this article with the famous phrase of Ayn Rand: “Show me the woman he sleeps with and I`ll tell you his valuation of himself.”