Have you ever heard a proverb «clothes make a man»? Do you believe that it is possible to judge a person only by their appearance or some general information like having a job or not, being married, divorced or single? If it is so, let us try to make out if a person, who has no job can be a scammer.

It is not a secret that with the development of dating industry, especially online dating, it is quite a usual thing to hear that dating scams take place very often. Who is responsible for that? Women or men with no job, who want to get money out of a rich candidate seeking for love?

To tell you the truth, I do not think it is fair to say that a person, who is  unemployed is interested only in money. What if the reason why they do not work is because they already have a big fortune? What if a woman with no job, whose profile you are looking through comes from a wealthy family? Do you think she is interested in dating scams and getting your money out of you?

At the same time, who can state that a girl, who writes that she has a good job is not a scammer? 

If you have decided to use an online dating site, you should be aware that there are no guarantees and anyone who you are corresponding with can be a part of a scam scheme and it does not matter if the girl has a job or not. Why? The answer is simple: on the Internet you can hardly check all the information that you get. That is why what I can advise you is to be extra cautious and leave no chances to trick you.

So, what should you pay attention to not to become a victim of dating scams?

  1. The girls, who are scammers are very clever and you should not trust every word your new possible life-partner writes to you. Of course, you must not be extra suspicious and see lies in every sentence. 
  2. The girls, who take part in dating scams are usually very beautiful, their main task is to «blind you» and blunt your vigilance. They will never ask you for money directly. You will be communicating for some time; then both of you will understand that «you like each other». After that you might even start long-distance relationship discussing when and where to meet and… this is when suddenly something unexpected happens.Your beloved gets into trouble, she cannot write to you, your meeting has to be cancelled because one of her relatives, usually mother, is seriously ill and the girl has to work nights and days to provide for the family. And you, being a real gentleman, offer your «money shoulder». This is where your relationship finishes. In such a case, the girl is really a scammer. Does she have a job? Yes.
  3. When you decide to start online dating, the only way to escape dating scams is to address the right site. To understand if it is a good site, you need to check the  clients’ feedbacks; find some information about how long the site has existed and whether it has any successful couples, etc.

However, the main thing you should do is not to believe that a girl, who has no job has to do something with dating scams. If you like her,  communicate with her, find out what kind of person she is and if your heart tells you that she is the ONE, listen to it and never let her go. Good luck!