Signs She’s Cheating

Adultery is usually something carefully planned. It rarely happens out of the blue and it is usually caused by the problems existing for a long period of time and creating a tense atmosphere in the once happy union.

Such a deceitful act has dire consequences and can cost the person who has been cheated in pain and anger. Below is a list of signs that she is cheating which you should be aware of. Who knows, maybe someday they will save you from all these negative emotions which can arise.

  1. The first sign that your girlfriend is cheating is accusing you of being the cheater. Often, people who accuse others of doing bad things are unreliable or are actually the ones fooling everyone else and become paranoid about being caught (therefore, they blame you before you blame them). Deceivers usually try hard to divert suspicion from themselves and sometimes attach too much importance to everything.They avoid answering questions, which is one of the things they can do to divert attention from themselves. Moreover, they begin to pay too much attention to everything you do, who you communicate with, and why.
  2. How to know if your girlfriend cheats? She changes in bed. If you stop satisfying your lady, it is not necessarily a sign she is tired of sex. Rather, she ceases to be satisfied with YOU. When you go from regular intercourse (good intercourse) to infrequent (if not absent), then something is clearly wrong in your relationship. If other indicators were not convincing (not letting you touch her, not having time for you, lying about where she spends time), then this should confirm all your doubts.
  3. She keeps on telling about a “new colleague” or friend, constantly refers to him as if they spend a lot of time together. What do they have in common that you don’t have?
    However, such behavior is not always one of the signs your wife is cheating with a co-worker or that whenever she meets a new guy, she definitely wants to sleep with him, but it is wrong when a girl who has a boyfriend makes new acquaintances with new “friends” and gives her number to random guys on the street. She may not want to betray you, but remember all these guys she flirts with are definitely not interested in the girl as a good friend.
  4. She is bugging you for any reason, which is one of the emotional signs of cheating. Have you ever fought over losing her hairbrush? Or wondered why she suddenly became worried about the mess in your house when she comes (but she has never cared about it before)? Maybe she is doing it on purpose?It is likely she is simply looking for a way out of the situation, collecting arguments so that later, if necessary, she can recall those times when you lost her things, did not clean the house, and say you do not respect her or declare everything is over.
  5. She wants to take a break. As a rule, it happens when your GF needs to see what’s “outside” there. A break is a kind of indicator she wants to try a relationship with someone else, but at the same time, not to be guilty of betraying you. And it’s okay to think when (if at all) you’re together again, you’ll have a lot of questions which will never be answered because she doesn’t have to answer them; you had a break, didn’t you?
  6. If you want to know how to tell when she is cheating, pay attention to the phone calls. When the phone is ringing, you wonder if she is going to answer it. however, your beloved simply ignores the call by turning the phone face down or leaving the room to talk outside. “Yes, let’s pretend there is no ringing phone and just continue to live.” But she used to answer all calls in your presence, and now it seems any call or message is a closely guarded secret.
  7. She became more worried about the appearance. She dresses sexually, maybe puts on more exquisite make-up, had a new haircut, and bought a couple of brand-new makeup sets. Your lady wants to be sure she will look great if she runs away from you or she has already visited HIM on the way to you. It is possible, on the contrary, your girlfriend looks physically exhausted, emotionally depressed, and tired. This is because cheating is exhausting, both physically and mentally.
  8. She asks you to spend more time with other people, stops turning to you for any reason, wondering how you are doing, and encourages you to spend more time with friends. Such behavior can be cause for concern. Remember, people don’t jump from a state where they want to be right next to you to a state when it’s normal you haven’t been in touch for a couple of hours or even days.
  9. Your stomach never lies…
    Have you ever felt an unpleasant feeling in your stomach when you have doubts something is wrong or something not very pleasant is about to happen, but you do not know what to do about it? Research has shown intuition either tells you what to expect or indicates what has already happened. As a rule, it is never wrong.
    Everyone has something like a sixth sense – it all depends on how deeply it sits in you. The next time your intuition tells you something, don’t take it as an empty phrase because you never know what to expect.
  10. he avoids you, has no desire to spend time with you because she doesn’t feel well. Avoidance is always a bad sign, and if she is avoiding you, something serious she cannot involve you in is happening. It can be anything; including a change in attitude towards you or a sign she is not saying something.

This, unfortunately, can mean something is missing in your relationship or something is wrong; maybe she’s lacking attention, or her parents hate you and she’s afraid to report it. She might want more fun, but she’s probably just tired of you as a guy.

The final question you might want to find the answer to is what to do if someone is cheating on you. Frankly speaking, I believe there are two ways to behave: either forget, forgive and continue living, or break up and start a new life. However, to get a deeper look at the issue, we might need to write another article.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.