Signs That Prove She’s Just Not That Into You

Love is amazing feeling that gives you wings in case it is being reciprocated and you both feel the same. When you are attracted to someone and it is not mutual, it is a hard pill to swallow. But it is better to be on the same page and know what is going on rather than having lots of illusions and hopes.

There can be confusion between friend zone and being romantically involved in relationship. Especially when you are in love, it seems she is interested in you as a romantic partner too.

How do you know if a girl likes you? She answers your texts back, tells how the day went and is interested how yours went as well, she agrees to meet you. If these are the things you have noticed, it is not enough to judge if she likes you or not. She might be just polite and talks to you in a friendly manner.

How to tell if she is interested in you as a potential partner?

  1. Girls are easily read by their body language. You can control what you say, but you barely can control your emotions. If a lady is attracted to you, she will smile a lot, the eyes shine. She feels more relaxed with you, having open posture.
  2. Touchy feeling. She often touches your hand, might lean a head on your shoulder. She wants to hug you tightly when saying goodbye.
  3. She always looks good for you, trying to impress with a new hairstyle, dress or makeup.
  4. She teases you and compliments you on the way you look or talk, laughs at your jokes, appreciating your sense of humor.
  5. She engages in a conversation too, taking initiative and calls you first. You are not the only who always calls, texts and initiates all the dates.
  6. She would like to define your “relationship status”.
  7. You have common plans.

Is you relationship undefined? Do you want to take a step further? What are the signs she wants you to be her boyfriend?

Girls expect the first move from a guy, in order not to receive rejection, you should know some hints, which prove that you should move further.

  • She wants to know you better, she is interested in your family background, listens to your childhood stories and shares hers.
  • She jokes about you being a couple.
  • She makes plans with you.
  • And the most obvious sign of course when she directly confesses in her feelings. It takes a lot of courage though, probably she has been thinking about it million times before she tells you how she feels. It is a crucial moment and you must not hesitate any longer to define your relationship.

But how to see the difference between just friends and partners? Here are the signs she doesn`t like you more than a friend:

  1. She is not into you if she gives you no sign of physical connection, she just likes when you listen to her and understands, considering you a “crying shoulder”. She keeps hopes for the future, but at the moment she claims she is not interested in any relationship. It might be true, maybe she has recently experienced a break up and before she confides to someone else, it will take time. But you should put some boundaries too. You cannot wait for the person forever, maybe she just puts you aside until someone better shows up. Respect and love yourself, only then you can expect it from the other person. When you understand that a woman considers you only as a friend, it is your choice, either to agree, being friends, but still continue searching for your soulmate or stop communicating, because you don`t see a perspective of turning this relationship into a romantic one from both sides. I know a couple and would like to tell you about their experience. A guy liked a girl and he was giving signs of attention. She was interested in talking to him, but was not considering as a romantic partner. She noticed his attraction and told him that she doesn’t see him as her boyfriend, but she doesn`t mind to be friends. He interpreted the other way and decided to keep in touch, hoping she would change her mind. She told him more than once that it is not going to happen, so after a long time he gave up and got frustrated even though it was his choice and he was warned before. It is important to listen to the other person and hear, because often people misinterpret or have false hopes, refusing to accept the reality. Unrequited love hurts and intentionally agreeing to it, would bring lots of negative emotions. Save yourself from it if you have been told there are no chances to build love exactly with this person, you will definitely find it somewhere else.
  2. You are not a priority. Sometimes she can even forget about a missed call or text from you.
  3. How to tell if someone is avoiding you? Constantly finding excuses. There are certain situations when a person really cannot answer or forgot, but if you noticed that it is a tendency already hearing “I didn`t have time, sorry. I was really busy”, “I just had my best friend`s birthday, didn`t have a chance to look at my phone”, “Sorry let`s meet later, I have lots of things to do”.
  4. She constantly cancels plans, because something better has come up.
  5. She doesn’t really care how she looks, there are no efforts in looking good in front of you, especially at the beginning of dating. She would meet you better at home, watch a movie rather than dress up and go out.
  6. There is no physical contact between you. You don`t kiss, hold hands or have any physical interaction except just being in the same room.
  7. She doesn’t introduce you to family or friends.

What are the signs she is not into you anymore even though you are still in relationship? Our mind gets used to certain patterns of behavior of a partner, so if something changes, the intuition gives you a hint that something is going on.

  1. One of the obvious sign is lack of sex. She seems tired all the time and irritated by your presence. It has been a while since you had intimacy. She doesn`t impress you with sexy lingerie anymore.
  2. She started to spend more time with her friends than with you. If you used to spend weekends together, have dinner after work and discuss recent events in your life, now she shares everything with friends and there is no more space for you.
  3. She is not interested in your life, she doesn`t ask how is your job, your well-being, preferences and your opinion.
  4. She has her own plans, not including you. Your future perspectives are a taboo topic.

Maybe you had a fight recently and your relationship hasn`t been stable at all, maybe you want to take a break. What are the signs she is never coming back?

  • No attempts to mend your relationship or just no reason to do it. She is not expressing any desire to talk and discuss what went wrong, she is not sending you random messages “I miss you”.
  • She has moved on with life and doesn`t care about important events like birthdays, anniversaries and some other dates. She still remembers about them, but doesn`t congratulate you.
  • Your calls or texts are left unanswered. Silence kills, but it is definitely the beginning of an end.
  • She might block you on social media, you are not involved in her social life anymore. In the 21st century social media plays an important role in everyone`s lives, they share photos and show what is going on, you are no longer part of it.