Speed dating in Ukraine: pros and cons.

With high pace of modern life, many things have changed to keep up-to-date with everyday rhythm. Issues concerning love and relationship are not an exclusion. A lot of business people, having no time for all the stuff like “flowers and kisses” tend to use an up-to-date trendy service called speed dating.


Aiming to let representatives of the opposite sex meet for a quick chat and understand whether they want to continue seeing each other or not in five minutes is quite popular both with men and women of varied ages and social layers. Nevertheless, there is nothing perfect in this world and such a great service has its own downsides as well as positive points.

Let us look at pros first.

    1. You understand what your real place in the market of boyfriends and girlfriends is, which can raise your self-esteem. Just imagine: you are single and the opposite sex at the session show you their liking. Only a fool will not think something like: “Wow, I’m really cool!”
    2. It is a fantastic chance to learn how to deal with strangers and astound them. So it is a kind of a psychological training that lets you mix business with pleasure.
    3. At a speed-dating session you are bound to find a lot of new people willing to communicate with you, which is less expensive and quite faster than going to a cafe, waiting until someone comes and, MAYBE, wants to learn anything about you.
    4. Visiting speed date gatherings is safer and more reliable than using dating sites, where you do not see a real person; which is why men are afraid to meet scammers, while women are afraid to meet a maniac. Those, who come to such events, surely seek for love. They are free and ready for relationship.
    5. The organisers divide the daters into different age groups, so they don’t have to interact with those, who are much older or younger.
    6. You won’t feel uncomfortable in case you dislike your interlocutor, which differs such a meeting from a usual date. All you need to do is wait till the time finishes, move to another table and start a new conversation.
    7. Importantly, you can continue communicating with the participant you liked when the session finishes.
    8. Speed dating is an interesting and exciting pastime suitable for a single person. It is worth visiting due to fresh impressions and emotions that you can experience.

Cons of speed dates.

      1. The procedure resembles an assembly line since every mini-date lasts for about 5 minutes, which is not quite romantic.
      2. Going on such a date does not guarantee that you are bound to meet your better half or at least one candidate, who you will enjoy talking to.
      3. Despite thorough selection, people, who come to sessions like this can be quite strange. For this reason, do not be surprised to get indecent offers during the conversation.
      4. Speed dates can be every exhausting, since you will have at least 10-15 companies during one evening.
      5. For someone it is not that easy to switch and start chatting with a new person.
      6. Some people cannot get an impression about their interlocutor and tell about themselves in a short time.
      7. It is very easy to miss and forget a lot of things in such a hurry.
      8. Even if you find someone you like, you will still have to get their interest after the session finishes.

Why is it so popular to go on speed dates?

Statistically, after each session a participant can have from 2 to 10 matches. The result depends on your being open to communication. Then people go on usual dates and build love relationship. Some turn into happy marriages, other become another page in a person’s love life.



Frankly speaking, I have never been on such an event. Still, I am sure that if I were invited to a speed date evening, I would not miss a chance to experience something new. What is more, I do believe in love at first sight and this is the exact place to encounter it. I am sure, it is not important how your speed dating story will finish, this experience is going to be one of the brightest in your life.