St. Valentine’s Day in Ukraine

St. Valentine’s Day in Ukraine is considered to be the day of all lovers, just like all over the world, and is celebrated on the 14th of February. People started to celebrate this holiday in Europe several centuries ago, however it became a popular celebration in the 90s. It is widely known that Valentine`s day in Ukraine is considered a symbol of lovers, so this holiday is very beautiful and romantic. It is honored by those who love and those who are just looking for this wonderful feeling.

It is a romantic celebration of love. Hearts, cupids, flowers, balloons, teddy bears and chocolate hearts are the symbols of the holiday, which will surround you the whole day and catch your attention. Whether you have just started dating or you have been together for a long time, it is one more chance to express your love in a perfect way!

On Valentine`s day Ukrainian couples go out for a special romantic dinner in the evening, a gentleman usually presents a bunch of red roses along with some other special gift. Most couples book hotel rooms and have a romantic intimate atmosphere together, some visit cinemas and theatres, the most adventurous ones go for a small trip on this day, exploring the most romantic parts of the world. Children in schools also participate in this holiday, it is traditional to have a “love post”, which is placed in a separate room where children can put an anonymous card for their crush. It has always been a mysterious moment when you receive a card from someone from the other form, maybe a year older than you or younger, but it definitely sets a mood for the whole day.

Girls gather during the break and gossip, trying to guess their cupids. It is a fun part of it. Usually they don`t guess, not taking into consideration that shy boy at the back row, who did his best to make a Valentine`s card by himself, but he looks very happy knowing that the girl he adores received it. This tradition of exchanging Valentine`s day cards in Ukrainian cities have been kept for years and nowadays not only children, but adults present cards to each other. I have kept all my heart-shaped cards from school and now it is a great reminder of those happy days. Sometimes I open them and reread, it brings pleasurable moments.

We would like to share some gift ideas for Valentine`s day:

  1. Play a treasure-love hunt in the morning as a part of your gift. Place a love note on the bed, saying where to go next, put some rose petals on the floor, write some quote on the bathroom mirror and place your heart as a treasure at the end with a gift inside (saying that you are giving your heart and soul). You will definitely hear “Awwww” and her heartbeat.
  2. Present a secret box including many cards, each card should represent a reason why you love her, starting from a small one (something about her appearance) to the biggest one ( some features of her character), you can place a beautiful bracelet at the bottom of the box as a gift of appreciation of having such a gorgeous woman.
  3. A spa day for two. Enjoy a relaxing massage and hot bath, followed by glass of champagne and dinner afterwards.
  4. You cannot go wrong with perfume! This is what women most of all.
  5. A beautiful accessory or a handbag. It cannot be extra, a lady may have a hundred bags of different taste.
  6. Have been dating for quite a long time? Thinking of taking a serious step in your relationship? This holiday is your chance to make your unforgettable proposal. Let me share with you a story of my friend. She had a little bunny pet at home, she gave it a name and she adores it. So she never loses it out of sight. One day her boyfriend ran to the kitchen saying that he couldn`t find a bunny anywhere and said that while he was going to search for it in the house, she had to go and look in the garden. She started to panic and ran to the garden, there was her little cutie. She grabbed it with love and noticed a small jewellery box tied around its neck. When she opened a box she found an engagement ring with a note “Will you marry me?”. It was a very extraordinary and touching moment of her life.

This holiday is a perfect time for proposals. Lots of men from Ukraine do it in a different way. For some girls it is quite expected moment, for some of them it is a very big surprise. I like listening to romantic stories, which inspire and make you believe in love. And I want to share some of them with you. Maybe you are planning to do it soon and it is going to give you some creative ideas.

  1. If you are adventurous people and planning a trip on this day, the idea of making a proposal somewhere in a special place will bring unforgettable experience. Make the trip a journey of a lifetime. One of my male friend proposed in one of the most wonderful place in the world, in Rome, the city of love near the Trevi Fountain. He asked a gentleman to take a picture of them, but instead of camera he asked quietly to shoot a video of them (because he wanted to propose). She didn`t suspect anything, it was a usual picture. She was overwhelmed with emotions.
  2. One of the most creative and breathtaking proposals I have ever heard was a helicopter ride proposal. You cannot go wrong with it. She will be really impressed and will say “Yes”.
  3. Organize a romantic evening at home. But you should prepare beforehand to create a wow-effect. Besides wine, nice background music, dinner and roses, you can print the photos taken throughout your relationship. You may arrange them in a photo album and give it as a gift. Offer her to look at photos and recollect all those happy moments. You can put a ring on the last page and at the end make a proposal speech. It is going to melt her heart.

Are you planning to meet your girlfriend in Ukraine on Valentine`s day? It is a great idea! There are many things to do in our city. You can also impress her by learning how to say “happy valentine`s day In Ukrainian” – “ Z dnem svyatoho Valentyna”.

If your lady is from Kharkiv, you are lucky. There are many romantic places, where you can have unforgettable experience with your significant one.

  1. You may visit romantic dolphin show in Kharkov. It is an amazing entertainment for adults, which gives you a lot of positive emotions.
  2. One of the best places for romantic couples is Panorama restaurant. Here you have a chance to have a cosy evening with your beloved one, enjoying a panoramic view of the city.
  3. In Kharkov there is a little Paris. Indulge in a French atmosphere with your lady here in Ukraine. We have our own Eiffel Tower, French boulevard and croissants.
  4. Our wellness centre Maharaja gives the best massages in town using Thai techniques, so if you want to relax together with your woman, it is going to be a great Spa day for you two.

Girls are very sentimental, they appreciate small things, especially your attention and efforts!