As a professional matchmaker who has been successfully running a boutique matchmaking service in Ukraine for 11 years, I can confess that matchmaking in Ukraine especially if we are talking about international matchmaking service on the one hand is so different from matchmaking service in the USA, the UK or Switzerland, but on the other hand is built on the same working ethics and principles of work. Why so?

Matchmaking in Ukraine still feels the shadow of the “mail-order brides” dating sites that have created certain “unspoken standards” for the whole local dating industry:

Big open catalogue of beautiful profiles. While this is acceptable for the format of mail-order brides dating sites and is an important part of its marketing – it is totally unacceptable for matchmaking service, because it contradicts one of the key principles of matchmaking – privacy. People choose matchmaking service, because they don’t want their photos and personal information online. In the USA or in the UK no one will be surprised that matchmaking service doesn’t post photos of their members online, though when many gentlemen think about matchmaking in Ukraine they still expect an online catalogue with beautiful models.
Successful matchmaking stories. Same applies to smiling photos of happy couples created by the dating service. Marketers of mail-order brides dating sites love using such stories as a strong marketing tool to attract customers. And no one is actually surprised that there are about 30-50 of such stories, though there are 10000 of profiles online. It is only 0,3 – 0,5%, but who cares when you can see wedding photos – “proves” that you can have the same. Professional matchmaking service won’t share photos of their successful matchmaking stories, though they are the fruits of the hard work and the indicator of the professionalism of the matchmaker, because privacy of the clients – even ex-clients who are now happily married and won’t hire the matchmaker again – is a priority for the matchmaker. In this sense professional matchmaking in Ukraine is not different from colleagues-cupids in the west or east – clients and their privacy is the priority.

Gentlemen who are looking for matchmaking in Ukraine often forget that ladies care about their privacy as well, which means they actually care a lot who can find their dating profiles online. If she has 10 profiles at 10 dating sites including international pay-per letter dating sites there can be several scenarios:

1. She is super eager (=desperate) to meet someone. In this case it would be smart to avoid possible relationship with a super eager = desperate = needy person
2. She has “borrowed” her photos to the pay-per letter dating site and receives commission for helping them attracting new customers.
3. The pay-per letter dating site has “borrowed” her photos without her permission to attract more customers and to avoid paying commission to a model who would have lent photos for money.
4. She has registered at several dating sites and is not using them anymore, but she keeps registering at other dating sites from time to time. This is an unlikely scenario that doesn’t define such a lady as a serious potential partner.

Many gentlemen believe that ALL Ukrainian ladies are registered or have been registered at an international pay-per letter dating site. You would be surprised that the percentage of Ukrainian ladies who have ever used or have even heard of international pay-per letter dating sites is quite low. Usually a pay-per letter dating site has about 10000-15000 female profiles. The majority of the profiles at different pay-per letter dating sites are the same. Many of them are there as a part of marketing campaign, many are real. The population of Ukraine is about 40 million people. There are about 20 million ladies in Ukraine. In the age group 25-54 years – about 8 million people. We don’t know how many of these ladies are married or in relationship, but the number of ladies in this age group registered at pay-per letter dating sites is less then 1%: 0,125% – 0,1875% to be exact. So after seeing these numbers do you still believe that ALL Ukrainian ladies are registered at pay-per letter dating sites and do not care about their privacy?

So is professional matchmaking in Ukraine so different from professional matchmaking in New York or London? No, not really. Professional matchmakers in all countries respect privacy of their clients which means no catalogues of beautiful half naked models neither male nor female and no wedding photos of successful matchmaking stories simply because clients do not want them online.

Svetlana Mukha, with love