Ten Valentine’s day proposal ideas

Are you head over heels in love? Have you found your soulmate and are planning to propose to your girlfriend? If you have answered “Yes” to these questions, our article is of great help to you as it is going to tell you how to propose originally.

I understand how nerve-wracking the whole idea can be, but I am sure you want to go extra mile to surprise your woman.

The first thing you have to decide on is the day, when to propose and the best one is Valentine’s Day.

There are many cute ways to ask someone to be your valentine. I would like to share the most romantic Valentine`s ideas on the best ways to ask your woman to marry you.

  1. You are in a restaurant together. Invite your lady to have dinner date with you. Organize with the manager all the details beforehand. The waiting staff can help you to make your dream special. You need 4 waiters to hold papers with words in order “Will”, “You”, “Marry”, ‘Me” and one more person to open champagne. There should be a romantic song in the background and you with a ring. She won`t expect you to do it.
  2. You are at a concert or at the disco. A DJ congratulates everyone on the day of all sweethearts and says that a gentleman wants to make the choice of his life today. He asks you to the stage and there you make your touching speech, asking a lady to come to the stage too. You stand on the knee and ask to become your wife.
  3. In case you are too nervous to make a proposal looking into your woman’s eyes, you can send a huge bouquet of flowers or a teddy bear holding a card. Still, we would recommend proposing face-to-face, since every girl wants to see your eyes, feel your hands and hear your voice saying these very important words.
  4. You can do it on the roof of a house. It is an unforgettable moment. All you have to do is to put a small round table served with fruit, sweets and champagne. The tablecloth must be either red or white. Put the candles on the table, or cover the roof with flower petals. Invite your girl to the roof to show something interesting, stand on your knee and give the ring.
  5. If your beloved likes to go to the balcony or look out of the window when she wakes up, you can make your proposal in the street. Write it on the ground, so that she could see it from the window. Tie a bunch of balloons to the window and put a ring and a note into one of them. Hire a band, which is going to play a favorite song.
  6. A very good idea is to organize a treasure hunt. You have to hire a car in which she goes from one place, which is memorable for you both, to the other. In each of these places, you have to put a note with a code or a riddle saying where your girl has to go next. You are going to wait in the last point of the quest holding a bouquet of flowers and a ring.
  7. Friends can be of help too. You could make posters with good words about your girl on them and the one saying: “Will you marry me?” Ask your friends to come to a lady`s house and stand in a line holding the posters. Ask your beloved to look out of the window and make your friends move showing your woman the posters. When the girl reads it, you stand on your knee, take out the ring and wait for a reply.
  8. You can make a billboard advertisement with a proposal and take your girl for a walk to see it. Alternatively, you could order the text in one of magazines or sites.
  9. Would you like to make it unexpected? If you are planning a vacation, there is a great chance to do it in the air. Use a loudspeaker to announce about your feelings and propose at 35000 feet. But before make arrangements with a flight attendant.
  10. Bring your woman breakfast to bed. Make a heart on coffee and put a box with a ring and a flower on the tray next to the piece of cake. Turn on the girl’s favorite song, kiss tenderly on the cheek and wait for the reaction. If you are not good at making hearts on coffee, writing “Will you marry me?” on the dessert is also nice.

I would share with you more amazing real stories of couple`s proposals, which touched my heart.

  1. One of my male friend Nick proposed to his girlfriend in a creative way. They have been living together for a year and he was ready to take a serious step in their relationship. They own a pet rabbit, who is his girlfriend`s cutie pie. She loves it so much and it is always around her. Once she couldn`t find it and asked anxiously where her pet was. Nick said it might be in the garden. He told her to have a look in the garden while he was going to look in the house. She ran out outside in the garden and saw her white bunny peacefully inspecting a territory. She grabbed and noticed a small bell with card around its neck with “Will you marry me sig
  2. One more touching marriage proposal happened to my best friend, an English teacher. She is very passionate about her job. She dedicates a vast majority of time for her pupils, creating new ideas and games to make each lesson unique and special. Sometimes she stays after classes to help kids with homework or to help those who lag behind a program. Pupils lover her so much. They always see her boyfriend waiting for her after classes and they decided to participate in organizing a magic proposal. On that day they were going to have an English test to practice adjectives. One of the exercises was to write I Love you, because you are…….(adjective). 33 pupils wrote “I love you cards because….” They asked a teacher`s boyfriend why he loves her. So he gave 33 reasons for that. By the end of the class, they submitted the papers one by one on purpose. She was reading pleasant words and admiring her smart pupils:
    • I love you because you are kind.
    • I love you because you are gorgeous.
    • I love you because you are intelligent.

    And 30 adjectives more. When the last pupil handed in the paper, she took it and read: “I love you because you are the best woman in the world. Will you marry me?” At that moment her boyfriend came in with a ring and all 33 students were holding balloons and Valentine`s wedding decorations. She was extremely surprised and of course she said “Yes”.

  3. One more couple shared a story with us. They are both very adventurous and love travelling a lot. They planned a trip. It was a dream for a lady, she had always been dreaming to visit Rome. She watched a movie about Rome and was eager to see all the places. She wanted to visit the Trevi Fountain, where you throw a coin and your dream come true. When they came to that place, there was a crowd of people taking pictures, shooting videos. Her boyfriend asked to take a picture of them (he approached a guy beforehand while she was busy admiring the fountain and asked to press video instead of photo). When they were ready to take a picture together, he stood on a knee and asked to marry him. Everyone around was applauding. She was the happiest woman on earth to have this magical proposal in a magical place.

Let your life be filled with romance and memorable events!