Are you head over hills in love? Have you found your ONE? Are you planning to propose to your girl? If you have answered “Yes” to these questions, our article will be of great help to you as it will tell you how to make your proposal original and the one that will definitely be accepted.

The first thing you have to decide on is the day, when to propose. We find Valentine’s Day the best one for this purpose and share our ideas on the best ways to ask your woman to marry you.

Valentine’s Day proposal #1. You are in a restaurant together. You are saying some banal things about how beautiful she is, how much you love her. Then suddenly stand on your knee, the band starts to play “your” song, you take out the box with the ring and say: “Will you marry me?” She starts crying with joy, kisses you, takes the box and says “Yes”. The waiter, with whom you have talked beforehand, brings you champagne and everyone applauds.  

Valentine’s Day proposal #2. You are at a concert of your favorite band or at the disco. Either a performer or a DJ congratulates everyone on the day of all sweethearts and says that one man wants to make the choice of his life today. He asks you to the stage and there you make your touching speech for your ONE, asking her to come to the stage too. You stand on one knee and ask her to become your wife.

Valentine’s Day proposal #3. In case you are too nervous to make a proposal looking into your woman’s eyes, you can send her a huge bouquet of flowers or a teddy bear holding a card saying: “My love, will you marry me?” Still, we would recommend proposing to her face-to-face, since every girl wants to see your eyes, feel your hands and hear your voice saying these very important words.

Valentine’s Day proposal #4. You can propose to your lady on the roof of a house. This will be a very romantic and an unforgettable moment of your love story. All you have to do is to put a small round table served with fruit, sweets and champagne. The tablecloth must be either red or white. Put the candles and flowers on the table, or cover the roof with flower petals. Ask your girl to the roof to show her something interesting, stand on your knee and tell her why you love her and why you want to spend your life with her, give her the ring and ask to be your wife.   

Valentine’s Day proposal #5. If your beloved likes to go to the balcony or look out of the window when she wakes up, you can make your proposal in the street. Write it on the ground, so that she could see it from her window. Tie a bunch of balloons to her window and put a ring and a note saying: “Will you marry me?” into one of them. Hire a band, which will be playing her favorite song and you will declare your love standing on your knee and ask her to marry you.  

Valentine’s Day proposal #6. A very good idea is to organize a quest for your woman. You will have to hire a car in which she will go from one place, which is memorable for you both, to the other. In each of these places, you will have to put a note with a code or a riddle saying where your girl has to go next. You will be waiting for her in the last point of the quest holding a bouquet of flowers, a ring and the question “Will you marry me?”

Valentine’s Day proposal #7.  Friends can be of help too. You could make posters with good words about your girl on them and the one saying: “Will you marry me?” Ask your friends to come to her house and stand in a line one by one holding the posters. Ask your beloved to look out of the window and make your friends move one by one showing your woman the posters. You will be holding the “Will-you-marry-me” one. When the girl reads it, you stand on your knee, take out the ring and wait for her reply.

Valentine’s Day proposal #8. You can make a billboard advertisement with a proposal and take your girl for a walk to see it. Alternatively, you could order the text in one of her favorite magazines or on one of her favorite sites.

Valentine’s Day proposal #9. Become your lady’s present. Offer a big present box of your height; get inside with a bouquet of flowers and a ring. Order a delivery to your woman’s office and arrange her colleague to ask her to take the delivery brought by the courier. When she unpacks you, do your best to make her accept your proposal.

Valentine’s Day proposal #10. Bring your woman breakfast to bed. Make a heart on her coffee and put a box with a ring and her favorite flower on the tray next to the piece of cake. Turn on the girl’s favorite song, kiss her tenderly on the cheek and wait for her reaction. If you are not good at making hearts on coffee, writing “Will you marry me?” on the dessert you will bring with the coffee will also be nice.