The 10 Best International Women’s Day Gifts for 2021

It is a holiday, which is celebrated all around the globe in March. It is the time when the spring “officially” comes to replace winter. You can smell the sound of birds chirping, smell of the earth waking up from a long sleep, flowers all around and men with “8th of March gift ideas” looks.

It is one more day to express appreciation and gratitude to females in your family: your mum, sister, niece, cousin and of course your significant other.

Whether she is a successful business woman, a housewife, a student pursuing dreams, she deserves your love and recognition. She makes the world better.

Here are some Women`s day gift ideas:

  1. Such a small gift for women as sweets and balloons will melt any lady`s heart, either a girl or an adult mature woman. No matter how old they are, they are very sensitive and love attention. Look at the reaction of any lady seeing a bunch of balloons. It is every girl`s dream, it always gives positive emotions and memories from childhood. I bet when people become parents, they buy toys for their children, the ones they had been dreaming to have by themselves when they were small. So they test them first, playing with a toy, pretending to test it before giving to their kid, but in reality enjoying the moment.
  2. eddy bears are not only kids` joy. Ladies adore receiving big soft bears.
  3. Show me the lady who doesn`t like jewelry. A beautiful pearl necklace or a pair of earrings is definitely a good present. You cannot go wrong with it, buy something special for her. Either it is an elegant pendant or a bracelet, it is a stunning gift.
  4. Makeup organizer is a good gift idea for young women. She may put all make up essentials there. Also you may order a spa box, which includes everything to have relaxing days at home.
  5. Make a delicious breakfast and serve it in the bedroom, let her feel like a princess.

What are other ideas for women`s presents?

  1. If your lady has a habit to plan everything ahead, surprise with a sophisticated planner. She is going to write down all ideas and wishes there.
  2. Bags. Ladies adore different stylish things. An extra bag is never “extra” in her wardrobe.
  3. They also love clothes. Take her shopping or buy something by yourself, you can easily choose a trendy scarf or some accessories. If you know a girl`s taste and size, you may experiment with a blouse or even something sexier like lingerie.
  4. Perfume shops catch your attention with attractive scents. Pick one that matches your girl`s character.

I would like to share with you some original presents you can make for women:

  1. Any girl wants to be treated as a queen. Give a treatment package from professionals, either it can be a package of hairstyle or professional make up. She would like to be glammed up. An experience she will never forget.
  2. A photoshoot. It is great gift idea for women. Let her feel like a super star with a professional photographer. It might be a themed photoshoot, she will admire beautiful shots and you can hang them on the wall next to your bed or put the best ones in the frame. If she is fond of taking pictures, an instant camera would be a great idea.
  3. A spa day. You may join and relax together. Start your journey with a massage, later on you can go to sauna or a hot bath.

There are some presents better to avoid though. I am going to explain why:

  • Not all flowers are an incredible gift. One of my female friend received a cactus. It was at the beginning of dating. She was crying so much, because she was thinking that he wanted to hint that she was as “thorny” as this plant. But he was just assuming, if she was fond of home plants, why not give her one of them without any implication. They are happy together now, but she still remembers that day.
  • A gym monthly pass or scales. It might be considered as a hint to be in shape. As a substitution you may give a certificate for dance class.
  • A saucepan or cutlery. Even if it is your wife, she would like to receive something less casual than this. Be more creative and surprise with something more fun. Even though you decided to give her something useful, don`t forget about flowers at least.
  • Also if you choose clothes, make sure you know the size not to create an awkward situation. If you like a gorgeous dress XS size and your lady is L size, it is definitely going to create a fight.
  • Avoid giving strange objects that even you don`t know how to use. It means that you don`t really care unless it is something. One of the gentleman I know gave his girlfriend a machine to do her nails. She used to have her nails done in the salon, because it is time consuming to do it by herself. So having that machine, she had to buy all the necessary materials. The machine itself without the gel polish and other stuff is useless.

One unique gift idea for women I want to offer you is creating lasting memories. Something she can both see, feel, experience and remember forever. What might be the best combination of all above mentioned? An air balloon flight is a perfect present for those who like adventure. It will be a definitely a day to remember.

Whatever you choose is valuable, because you pay your attention and do it with all your heart!