Going on a date you must understand one thing: women rarely ask questions just to keep the conversation going. Especially if it is the first date, a woman does not know anything about you and she will try to make up her opinion about you. Therefore it is very important not to make a false step and spoil the first impression.

We offer you to go through 5 most common questions you will hear at the date and prepare your “correct” answers

Dating question # 1. Where shall we go tonight?

Answering this question keep in mind that your reply will indicate how interested you are in the girl. If you say something like: “Wherever you want” or “Wherever suits you most”, the girl will feel she is just another one on your list of won hearts. However if you overdo with offers, she might feel confused as well.

The best idea is to offer the girl two options: one traditional “do you fancy eating a good steak?”; another one adventurous: “let’s order a takeaway and have a boat ride.” Let your imagination work.

What we do not advise you to offer is going to the cinema, as sitting in the dark and watching a movie you will have no chance to communicate and get to know each other.

Dating question # 2. What do you do for a living?

The girl may ask a less straightforward question; still you will definitely hear something like this. And this is when a girl does not want to know how much you earn. Asking such a question, she wants to estimate your intellect, ambitions, energy as these qualities are valuable both for your work and relationship. Answering the question about your job, you may tell whether you like it or not, what exactly you like about the job, etc. and the girl will make her conclusions too.

Dating question # 3. What kind of girls do you like?

This is a very tricky question, which we offer not to answer directly. If you tell her that you like blond, slim girls, while she is a brunette and a bit plump, she may start wondering why you have chosen her. If you describe the type of girls exactly like she is, she may think that she is “one of many” and there is nothing special about her. Try to say that you WOULD prefer that the girl rode a bike, did some sport with you, liked this or that… Even if your date does not do any of these activities, she might think of taking up one to be with you.

Dating question # 4.  What is your family like?

If you have some family problems, trying to be sincere do not start with “My dad is a real nerd. Moreover, my parents have never cared about me.” Saying something like this, you will make the girl think that you could inherit some of the bad qualities, or your family model will be the same. Therefore, try to cope with your emotions. If you have a good family and an ideal mom and dad, choose one quality about each of them that you like most and this will be the ideal image of the family for the girl.

Dating question # 5. Do you want to share the bill?

Actually, this question and sharing the bill is not about money, it is about who courts who. Therefore, there is only one correct reply: “Are you kidding? I have been waiting for this date. So do not even think about it”. In case the girl insists on sharing the bill, you must stand your ground or offer her a compromise saying: “Let me pay this time, and you will pay next time.” However, if she continues insisting on her paying the bill, you can understand that your first date was a failure and you will not see each other again, which is also good because you will have no vain expectations.

Finally, no matter what you will discuss during the date, try to describe everything in bright colors and choose positive words. And even if you think you have spoiled the date, do not even try to text her something like: “I hope communicating with me was not a burden for you.” By doing so, you will show that you are not self-confident at all, and this is what women will not stand in a man. You should not also send a love sms to her after the first date, or she may think you are joking or lying. If you do want to send her something after the date, write her some compliment and offer to meet once again.