There is a stereotype that Ukrainian people and alcohol are inseparable. Well, to tell you the truth, there is no smoke without fire and our people do like to have a glass or two every now and then. Therefore, it is not a surprise for us that you, our dear men, really want to know what Ukrainian woman think of alcohol drinking. And in this article we are ready to reveal the whole truth about this issue. As usually, we have conducted a survey among our women-clients and here is what we have found out.

Olga: My attitude to alcohol drinking is quite simple – I am allergic to it. Literally, I feel its presence in any drinks and products. I do not drink any spirits, even beer. The only product containing some alcohol, which I can consume, is medicine that I take when I have a sore throat. So, I am not a good company for those, who are keen on alcohol.

Elena: What can I tell you about alcohol drinking? Well, I am not a big fan of it. Still I can drink a glass of wine on special occasions. What is more, I do not mind if my man wants to have a glass of beer while watching a football match on TV. It seems to me that such combination (a man+beer) is quite normal. However, I absolutely dislike drunk men. That is why, my MAN must have a sense of proportion.

Marina: I have nothing to say against alcohol drinking. It seems to me that alcoholic drinks can even do us some good as they help us to relax and forget about our problems at work, for example. Moreover, if there is a good occasion and good people beside you, there is no reason not to drink some champagne, cocktails or even rum or vodka. It depends on the company I am with. However, not so long ago I went to a friend’s party and had a bit more champagne than I can handle. So, these days I am not drinking anything like that.

Yekaterina: Speaking of alcohol drinking, I cannot say that I am either a fan or an opponent of spirits. I can survive without a sip of wine or liquor. Still, if I meet my old friends, or when I am celebrating something I cannot help drinking some of alcoholic drinks. It is our tradition. If you ask anyone how they imagine their birthday party, they will surely say that there will be a birthday cake as well as wine, champagne, vodka, etc. And that is not because we are alcoholics, that is because Ukrainians are very warm-hearted and hospitable people. Therefore, when we invite people, we must make sure that they will not be hungry, have a lot of fun and leave our house fully contented.

Jane. I do not like alcohol and I cannot imagine my man drinking alcohol too. However, if I see someone drinking wine, or other alcoholic drink, I will not tell him or her, why he or she should stop drinking and what influence alcohol has on their organism. Everyone is responsible for his own life and they decide whether they want to kill themselves with the help of alcohol drinking or not.

Yulia: I can say that I am for alcohol drinking, however, the alcohol you choose to drink must be of high quality and you must know when to stop. I even know that doctors advise to drink a glass of dry red wine before meals, since it improves digestion.

Nataliia: My male friends call me an ideal woman because I adore beer. I can keep a company and drink a couple of beers on a Friday night; however, this is the only type of alcohol I drink.

Svetlana: My attitude to alcohol drinking is neutral. I like light spirits but I do not drink strong alcoholic drinks as they make me sleepy and bring me no pleasure. When I meet my friends, we usually have a couple of cocktails, which is enough to relax ourselves from a hard day at work.