The Best Low-Investment Date Ideas

A rendezvous with a girl is really important and usually seen as a way to impress a lady. However, it is not necessary to organize a super-expensive night out. In this article, you will find 20+ low-budget date ideas which can help you have a good time and keep your finances safe.

1. Walk around the city.
This is number one on our list of cheap romantic date ideas because even the smallest town has lots of places covered with legends. Prepare a route to visit them, learn enthralling facts and ask your better part to take a walk. Clearly, you must finish your excursion in the most romantic place of all.

2. Feed the ducks in the park.
Among the fun, inexpensive dates feeding ducks is the one, which could also bring you back to your childhood and bring delight to anyone. If you do not find the ducks, any pigeon or sparrow won’t refuse some treat for sure.
However, it is better not to buy bread products as they arm birds’ organisms. Take some chopped cabbage or seeds instead.

3. Visit a free lecture or workshop.
A lady who loves this kind of entertainment will appreciate that you are concerned about registering for a free event in advance, as the number of seats is usually limited and there are many people wishing to visit it. If you are determined, you can find an event for every taste – from a scientific lecture to extreme sports.
4. Build a sandcastle on the beach.
Being not only one of the super cheap date ideas building a sandcastle is also very healthy and romantic. Still, everything must be in an adult way: your castle should be not just a wet lump of sand, but a structure with turrets, a moat around, and a drawbridge. Otherwise, how will the noble knight save the princess?

5. Play “unstrip poker”
Playing strip cards seems an obvious decision, however doing it vice versa is something extraordinary. The person who loses has to put on some piece of clothing. Continue till one of you can’t move. It’s rather one of the cheap fun ideas for couples than a truly romantic pastime, still, just imagine how fast you’ll be undressing each other after the game is over. Who knows, what the end will be like 😉

6. Organize a movie night.
To settle at home in front of the TV is not among the most original cheap date night ideas. Therefore, download a romantic movie to your laptop and go to the park or to the rooftop. Don’t forget some popcorn to make an imaginary visit to the cinema more realistic.

7. Remember about a rooftop.
An open roof isn’t easy to find, but it’s almost a win-win when it comes to romance. Watch the sunset, look at the stars, try to find your constellations, dance under the moon… isn’t it a good example of romantic, cheap dates?

8. Write the story of your love.
You are unlikely to publish it; however, you will have a chance to recall lots of touching moments from your personal history.

9. Listen to street performers.
Instead of running past a band playing at a busy intersection, try to sit back and listen to the entire concert.

10. Go cycling…
Or roller-skating, or take a scooter. These cheap things to do with your girlfriend are great. The main thing is to choose the kind of transport which you already have, or your rendezvous won’t be a low cost one.

11. Dust off your old game console.
Take out old game CDs with your favorite childhood games. Turn into Chip and Dale, or Mario and Luigi, or tankmen. The inability to save the game progress will only add spice to the entertainment.

12. Teach each other something new.
You’ll be surprised how many people do not know how to make basic things like a tulip from a sheet of paper. Teach each other these fun but useless skills.

13. Have a picnic.
You could definitely find some food for a snack in the refrigerator, and you won’t have to spend money. But pay attention to the surroundings. A cloth tablecloth, glass plates, and metal utensils will give a completely different impression than their plastic counterparts.

14. Cook dinner together.
It is not necessary to claim the laurels of a Michelin-starred restaurant chef – something simple will be enough. Such cheap dinner dates are a good way to become closer, as joint work unites.

15. Go to a dance party.
Many dance schools host masterclass parties that are either free or cost very little. Even if you do not know how to dance at all, you will not be kicked out in disgrace, but, on the contrary, they will help you master the simplest steps.

16. Go to the gym together.
During street training, you can pump your body as effectively as in the gym. And together it is even more fun to do it.

17. Walk home.
In small towns, it is not a challenge at all; but in some places, such a stroll could become a real journey, during which you will definitely discover something new.

18. Take a long bus route.
Some public transport trips can replace a city sightseeing tour. Take a bus, trolley, or tram that runs from end to end of the city and enjoy the views. Please note that rush hour is not suitable for this.

19. Take pictures of each other.
Make it a goal not to add to your gallery of perfect Instagram shots. Take pictures of each other on phones trying to catch real emotions. In such a way you will save photos in your gadget that will delight you and remind you why you are with this person.

20. Go to a small and unpopular museum.
It won’t be free, but very cheap. And it is probably interesting enough if you choose the museum carefully in advance.

21. Go to the pet store.
You don’t have to buy a pet. Just look at the fish, hamsters, and other furry shop dwellers. It evokes tenderness and sharpens the feeling of closeness.

22. Catch the rhythm of the city.
Sit on a bench in a crowded place and watch what is happening around you. Invent stories for passers-by, wonder if someone will come to the guy with a bouquet and if the pigeon will find a piece of loaf thrown to it.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.