The Complete Guide to the First Month of Dating

It’s not an easy game to take account of all aspects in terms of things to do when dating. Without any doubt, there are several stages of relationships timeline as well as plenty of questions to answer like how to turn dates into a healthy relationship or what main dating steps are. Here we would like to present our collection of the best useful advice on dating for one month.
The first week
It goes without saying that cell phones should be put down. You’d better live in a fabulous moment. The most significant thing should be your potential dating partner. If you need to use your mobile phone, let him or her know. Politeness is quite important.
It would be a good idea to make eye contact. Looking into eyes lets a person know you are interested in their inner world. Also, it means you are focused on what they have just said.
Asking questions is a key. Among men’s dating tips how to act properly dating a girl it’s one of the most effective ways to actually know each other better.
It doesn’t really matter how many dates pass before intimacy, it depends on your temperament and values, however, you have to carry condoms. Probably, you don’t want any STDs or a pregnancy. Certainly, other forms of birth control could be discussed, too.
In order not to make a wrong impression that you are a stalker do not follow their Instagram profile or send them a Facebook friend request.
The second week
What does a new week after the third date mean to a girl? Psychologists strongly recommend that you should rearrange your daily schedule, finding new dating ideas and picturesque spots. Do you want to show them your art of kissing? Do you keep waiting for the right moment? Perhaps this would be a good time. Yes, that’s exactly what it is! Besides, demonstrate your honesty and interest, be an active listener. Don’t expect much about your future. Girls tend to choose guys who are into them. Nevertheless, being overbearing could be execrable.

Women are keen on details and small gestures, taking them to the fanciest bar or offering the most magnificent trip to Europe is not necessary. Otherwise, you can attract a gold digger, so do not go overload. Instead you are highly suggested making them feel really special. However, do not repeat: “You look great!” or “Your eyes are beautiful.” Try to compliment and find something related to their personality. For instance, “I absolutely adore cheek dimples.” or “I love the way you think.”

Let me remind that your relationship with exes is a forbidden topic. Nobody wants to hear a sad story of your past love. It’s hard to find something more unpleasant. All people prefer to feel special, besides, they are often jealous.

Furthermore, you might take them on an extraordinary date that involves neither eating nor drinking. A lovely boat trip, a live music concert or a visit to an art gallery could be a good idea. It’s the best time for meaningful conversations.
You’d better do your best to be mannerly, pulling them chair, opening a door or offering your jacket when it’s cool outside. However, I’d like to remind you should not act like a butler.
It’s a well-known fact that good kissing is sexy, so make sure you are good at kissing. In addition, ladies want to be touched gently, but prefer not to be pawed.
The third week
Making money as well as your hobbies should not make your energy level almost down to nothing. Let your dating partner know that you might be caring. A vast majority of people are keen on talking about themselves, so demonstrate that you would like to get to know your future significant other. What are you both looking for? Is your dating partner excited about their job or friends? Are they interested in building a solid relationship?
We live in a busy world, but make yourself available. You’d better to include your dating partner in your schedule. Work isn’t the most essential part of life, isn’t it? Spending time with your dating partner should be one of your priorities. Be open and honest. Ladies would be pleased to get a message after the date, they don’t tend to guess if you like them or not. Active listening is the key. What I have to emphasize is that the only way to know if you like a person is your communication. Be thoughtful. You still need to be alone together, so your friends should not be involved.
The fourth week
Perhaps, you are looking for different signs that show she loves you or after one month (probably the most intense part of dating) you speculate on what to expect. What is acceptable to see? Have you already understood if you are sexually compatible? Are you on the same wave? Share your emotions and feelings, the worst thing to do is agree with everything they say to sleep with them.
Try to make them laugh and laugh together, but if you don’t feel a connection, move on. Don’t you agree that a physical connection is great for the first half a year, but it will inevitably die without soul searching? Think honesty whether you could get serious with this person or you’d better remain friends with benefits.
It’s time to ask your girlfriend, if you are not sure if she had an orgasm or not. You should invest in their needs, too, being an attentive lover. They will definitely appreciate it. When it comes to your intensions you should be upfront. Don’t run and score. Remember, women are big fans of cuddling after sex, so sleeping next to her might make you be closer to each other.