Are you a big fan of charming Ukrainian beauties? Do you seriously think about marrying an attractive Ukrainian woman? Needless to say, everything in life has pros and cons. Building a romantic relationship with a Ukrainian woman, obviously, you can’t ignore a wide range of different negative stereotypes. Let’s try to understand whether or not they are true, discuss certain disadvantages of your decision to date a pretty lady in Ukraine and analyze if it’s possible to find the right woman in our country.

What should be highlighted is that Ukraine is on the way to becoming a European country, but the knowledge of foreign languages is something people need to work on. There’s a high chance that you will have to overcome the language barrier. However, even if your potential girlfriend speaks English fluently, don’t forget that it is not her native tongue, you’ll probably need more time to get to know each other better.

Our society is marked by a patriarchal tradition, therefore, a typical girl would not react well to your offer to split the bill, especially on the first date. In addition, a majority of ladies do not have a driver’s license, because driving is considered a traditionally male area. Moreover, they feel obligated to take care of the household. They often hate a messy house, cleaning regularly and being pedantic about keeping things neat and tidy all the time. On the other hand, you can be sure they won’t insist on creating a system to fairly split household chores with their husband :).

Why are Ukrainian women so elegant and beautiful? Because they seem to be obsessed with their appearance. They are eager to look great and devote a lot of effort to this. Nevertheless, the Slavic ladies’ beauty is nearly a legend. They have fascinating facial features; they are smiling. Perhaps, nature has rewarded them with attractive looks and charm. In contrast to Americans, there are certain things Slavic ladies cannot allow to happen, for instance, they don’t go to Starbucks in the morning without brushing their teeth or styling their hair. You’ll have to wait a half an hour. Or an hour. Or two.

Slavic women are known to be passionate and impulsive. Although this could be rather beneficial for your sex life, you need to be ready for their emotional reactions to different situations. Sometimes, they may overdramatize the situation. All you need is to wait until they calm down. Don’t panic! Fortunately, they soon get well and are able to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner.

As you can see, the disadvantages are not critical to the success of the relationship. Communicating with girls in Ukraine, you should keep in mind that Ukrainian culture is different from American or European one. Women intend to build a happy and strong family, while their careers are not so important. Undeniably, contemporary trends have influenced their lifestyle. A lot of them are starting to understand the significance of self-development. But even if they are successful in business and other personal projects, the ladies will be excited to bring up their kids with their beloved husband.