If you are thinking of addressing a matchmaking agency to help you find your love, you must definitely think of what questions to ask a matchmaker before you decide to sign up. So, what exactly should you ask? Read our article to find out.

The important questions you must ask a matchmaker

  1. The first question to ask a matchmaker is about the agency itself. You can ask how long it exists; what the principles of work of the agency are, etc. So, the first set of questions must include the ones, considering the work of the agency.
  2. The second  question to ask a matchmaker is about the certification of the agency. It is good to look at the acknowledgments. Ask if the agency has any certificates or other documents proving its credibility.  If the agency has any certificates proving the professionalism of the staff, it will be a good proof that you can rely upon it.
  3. The third  question to ask a matchmaker is how you can minimize any possible risks. And a good answer to this question will be that you can sign a contract with the agency, in which both you and the agency will see your responsibilities and rights, as well as what to do in case of the force majeure situations.
  4. The fourth  question to ask a matchmaker is, of course, how much you will have to pay for its services. And what this payment includes. Usually, a good matchmaking agency will offer you several options to choose from, e.g. there can be a “program” including 5 dates with different girls, and another will have 7 dates, etc. Moreover, speaking about the money, you will also need to ask about the interpreter, in case needed, and how much their work will cost. Oh, and, of course, you will definitely want to know if your payment is secure and how to make it such.
  5. The fifth  question to ask a matchmaker is what kind of ladies address their agency and how you can see their photos and profiles. To tell you the truth, a good, trustworthy, matchmaking agency will unlikely have their ladies’ profiles in free access because they care about the confidentiality of their clients. What is more, you will be told that you will not see the profiles of all the ladies. Why? That is because a professional matchmaker will not let you waste your time scrolling through thousands of photos and descriptions. It is their job to look through your application form, to interview you  and offer you several candidates according to your requirements.
  6. The sixth  question to ask a matchmaker is whether they will help you organize your trip to Ukraine. Of course, you can buy the plane tickets, but it will be great, if the matchmaking agency meets you at the airport and helps with the hotel. What is more, a good agency will surely show you around the city and tell about the places, which are the best for dates with ladies.
  7. The seventh question to ask a matchmaker is whether they provide personal consultations for the clients. I mean whether they have a professional psychologist or a “relationship” coach, who will help you if necessary. A trustworthy matchmaking agency will undoubtedly have a group of professionals, who will make your dates most successful. If you need, you will be given advice and assistance on how to behave with a lady, what better to wear for the first date, how to continue communication, what to do if you do not think that the girl is the right candidate for you, etc.
  8. The eighth  question to ask a matchmaker is if they guarantee that you will find your true love with their help. To tell you the truth, this is just a quick-check question to see if the agency is reliable. The one that is such will never tell you that you are 100% guaranteed to find your ONE, still they will assure you that they will do their best to make you happy.

Frankly speaking, the list of the questions to ask a matchmaker could be much longer. Therefore, to check out more questions to ask visit our FAQ section on our website. We will be glad to answer whatever questions you have.

Valeria Matskevich, with love