Ukraine is a beautiful country full of places that are worth seeing. However, if you want to know where to go to feel the most romantic atmosphere with your beloved, you must definitely read this article.

Romantic place in Ukraine #1. Dendropark Oleksandriya.

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This park, situated in the town Bila Tserkva, exists thanks to Countess Aleksandra Brannitskaya and is the best representative of the garden art. In it, you will find small bridges over the rivers and lakes, statues and vases, which have stayed here since the moment of the foundation of the park.

With the area of 290 acres, this park has a lot of sites and secluded places to walk around. That is why lovers like it.

Romantic place in Ukraine #2. “Loving zebras” fountain

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It is located in the very center of Kyiv, so you will have no difficulty getting there.

In fact, “Loving Zebras” is only one of numerous sculptures you can find in the Landscape Alley. There you will walk among unusual sculptures of fairy-tale characters, take amazing photos with your beloved, sit on a bench and enjoy the romantic atmosphere, which fills this place.

Romantic place in Ukraine #3. “The pearl of love” fountain.

The work of the pearl of love fountain in Uman in 2018

This beauty is situated in the town of Uman. “The pearl of love” is the biggest light and music fountain of central Ukraine. Its night light show strikes with different colors, while the pictures devoted to love come alive on the water. Therefore, if you want to spend a romantic evening, you must visit this amazing place.

Romantic place in Ukraine #4. The swan lake

The park with the lake is located in Kamenets-Podolskyi. On the lake, you will find a gazebo for swans and fountains. Not far from it, there is a sculpture of two angels, who seem to want to kiss. From the observation decks, you will see the splendid panorama of the old city. Over the lake, there are several bridges, one of which is metallic. Lovers hang small padlocks on it to make their love last forever.

Romantic place in Ukraine #5. The monument to lovers

An interesting monument, which looks like an arch made of the bodies of two lovers reaching out to each other, can be found in the center of Kharkiv. Apart from it, the romantic atmosphere is created with the central park of the city. Walking along its alleys you will find yourself near the Colloseum, will see the old red telephone box of London and have a chance to see the spectacular views of the city from the Ferris wheel, which is one of the favorites among love couples.

Romantic place in Ukraine #6. The Italian yard

The Italian yard is one of the most romantic places in Odessa. This is where they have erected a big metallic heart, on which lovers hang padlocks as the sign of their love. Moreover, not far from it there is the bridge of lovers, where you can take great photos.

Near the Italian yard there is also another bridge called mother’s-in-law bridge. From it, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea.

Romantic place in Ukraine #7. The tunnel of love

Картинки по запросу The tunnel of love

This romantic tunnel situated not far from a town Klevan appeared thanks to a natural phenomenon. The branches of the trees and bushes have intertwined and formed a natural arch. In this tunnel, you will feel powerful energy, and the two rails seem to symbolize two fates going side by side. It is believed that if lovers get into this tunnel together, they will be happy. And if someone comes alone and makes a wish to find their better half it is bound to come true.

Romantic place in Ukraine #8. The botanical garden in Chernovtsy

This botanical garden is one of the oldest gardens in Ukraine. The expositions of different plants are arranged geographically. Most of the trees are older than 100 years. There are two tulip trees, which are 150 years old and 30 meters high. No matter which time you choose to come, you will be able to see this or that kind of plants blooming.

Romantic place in Ukraine #9. The narcissus valley

Not far from town Hust, you will find the narcissus valley, which is situated in a picturesque tract Kireshi. Once a year its green meadow is covered with snow-white flowers and becomes a real wonder. As a rule, it happens from the end of April till the end of May. So, take your beloved here at this time and you will both plunge into the romance created by nature.

Romantic place in Ukraine #10. Maniavskyi waterfall

This waterfall is located in the Carpathian Mountains and falls from a 20-meter rock on the Maniavka River. While getting to the waterfall from the village Maniava, you will enjoy the interesting nature of the Carpathians and re-establish your spiritual power. No matter how many places you have been to, you will never forget the visit to Maniavskyi waterfall.