Are you going on a date with a Ukrainian girl? Are you worried? Do you think she can reject you? Not to get into trouble, read our article and find out what to avoid not to get a «no» from a girl.

The reasons why Ukrainian Women May Reject You

  1. Ukrainian women can reject you if you are too brash. A lot of men think that being brash will help them hide their lack of confidence in communicating with the opposite sex as well as disguise their drawbacks. However it has a precisely opposite effect. So, you should not emphasize your toughness even if you are a WBC champion. Try to stay a simple guy and tell about your strengths casually.
  2. Ukrainian women can reject you if you are too timid. Yes, you must be self confident. What does a confident man do? He never hesitates and makes decisions. But at the same time he is polite and calm. He is a real gentleman.
  3. Ukrainian women can reject you if you are in different leagues. The reason can be your appearance, your financial state, age , social position. It does not mean that you must not even try, still be realistic about your chances.
  4. Ukrainian women can reject you if you are too self-centered. Unfortunately, a lot of men have such a problem. Remember that flirt is not when you are telling about yourself all evening long. Do not overplay your hand. A woman can pretend that she is really interested in your life, but she is most likely just being polite. So, which conclusion should you make? Speak about yourself less, listen to your woman’s stories even if she is utterly boring. Get over yourself if you do not want to stay alone.
  5. Ukrainian women can reject you if you are not friends with hygiene. And, unfortunately, this reason still makes a lot of women reject men. The only person to blame for that is YOU. However, fortunately, it is easy to remedy the situation. Wash yourself, brush your teeth, wear clean clothes, comb your hair, use cologne. Never go out to date if you are not sure that you are clean enough for that.
  6. Ukrainian women can reject you if you had bad sex. If the girl does not want to meet you again after you have had sex with her, you have either used force or your sex was disgusting, which is a good and fair reason not to see you again. Believe it or not, but women also have sexual needs, which have to be satisfied. If you have not coped, she can reject you without hesitation. Of course nobody is perfect, but it is never late to read something or even watch 😉
  7. Ukrainian women can reject you if you are not their type. You have done nothing bad, you were a gentleman, you behaved correctly, but she still said «no». Why did it happen? The answer is simple: she is just looking for someone else. It is possible that she has no physical attraction to you, or she may dislike what you do or the way you speak. Nothing personal…
  8. Ukrainian women can reject you if you are a jerk. I think it would be unfair not to mention this case, since that there are so many jerks around, that you have to make sure you are not one of them. Being a good man is a difficult task, and you must work hard and become one today, not tomorrow, since nobody expects anything good from jerks, they are not trusted and good girls do not fall in love with them. All in all they are very lonely.