What she says vs. what she really means?

I hope you will agree that it is impossible to imagine our life without the opposite sex. Still, communication with women can sometimes be very… confusing. What do I mean? Remember the situation when SHE says something, you respond to it, but it turns out that you have just said something wrong, although the previous time it was OK. That is why, we have decided to give you a little hand and help to understand us – women.

In this article, you will find 11 most widespread phrases that women say, their meaning and, of course, the answers that women would like to hear. This will definitely help you find mutual understanding and strengthen your relationship.

#1. She says, “Do you love me?” She means that you have forgotten to show your feelings once again.

A good answer: I love you as much as a man can love his life.

A bad answer: I had already told you when we started our relationship. Why are you asking again?

#2. She says, “Hi. Where are you?” She means that she wants to compare your working schedules as well as check if there are any unknown women’s voices at the background.

A good answer: Hi. I have just dropped into a shop to find some presents for your parents. Christmas is coming.

A bad answer: Why are you asking?

#3. She says, “I am not fat, am I?” She means that you must immediately tell her how beautiful she is. It is very important for a woman to hear from you that she looks good as our self-esteem changes several times per day and depends on the number of your compliments.

A good answer: You are really slim. You are so thin, that I will have to treat you to more sweet and tasty food.

A bad answer: Of course, it is hard to say that you are slim, but, in general, it is not so important.  

#4. She says, “I can’t do that…” She means that she will not have sex with you now. She looks sad and a bit guilty, while you are excited and are thinking how it can be… Why can’t she? The “I can’t do that.” phrase has, in fact, several meanings from “I can’t do that at the first date” or “I can’t do that because I am/you are married” to “I can’t do that because your friends are laughing in the next room” or “I can’t do that because I have THOSE days”

A good answer: I understand you. Still feelings can sometimes be stronger than logics.

A bad answer: Fine! But how am I supposed to walk in such a condition?

#5. She says, “We don’t know each other well enough” She means that she is still afraid of you a bit and has a rule not to have sex at the first or second date. This will not do harm to your future relationship, but you will have to wait a little.

A good answer: Really? It seems to me we have known each other for ages!

A bad answer: I will leave you for a minute, then come back and we can consider it our second date, right?

#6. She says, “I have a headache.” She means that she is not in the mood for sex. That is why do not even try to persuade her. Or she can really have a headache…

A good answer: It is because your brain is growing, as you are so smart. Do you want me to get you a pill?

A bad answer: It is OK. Your head will not feel anything. So, just lay down and relax.

#7. She says, “Don’t you notice?” She means that she has tried so hard, and you haven’t seen what she has done! You must IMMEDIATELY look at her or around the flat and find any even the smallest changes… She can have new manicure, hair color or style; she has cleaned your flat and put your photo to a new place. Something had to catch your eye.

A good answer: Of course, I see everything. It looks much better. Well done!

A bad answer: What do I have to notice?

#8. She says, “Do you really think I am not fat?” She means that you have not spent enough time on that hot button issue. That is why make a serious face and start saying thoughtfully something like “Have you lost some weight? Yes, you really have! You need to eat something…”

A good answer: I swear my new mobile phone, you will soon have to change your clothes, as they are already too big for you.

A bad answer: If you ask me about it again, I will tell you the truth that you will not like at all.

#9. She says, “Let’s stay friends…” She means that she has met a more interesting man, who attracts her sexually and she feels sorry for you about that. No matter how good your relationship was, do not agree to that offer because you will not be able not to think about sex.

A good answer: Sorry, I’m afraid it will not work out because you will not be able to control your feelings and hurt your future boyfriend cheating on him with me.

A bad answer: Great! We will go shopping together and eat ice cream. Meanwhile, I will be waiting for you to become my girlfriend again.

#10. She says, “I am tired and want to go home.” She means that she is bored and has nobody to make an impression on. Nobody notices her new dress and you do not pay attention to her. If you have taken her to your company, be able to entertain her. If you cannot do this, take her home.

A good answer: Of course, dear. We will be going in a minute. By the way, this is Peter’s wife Ann. She also likes yoga/makes hand-made stuff, etc. That’s so interesting!

A bad answer: Lie down on the sofa in the corner. I will wake you up when it’s time to go home.

#11. She says, “Do you say this to all the girls?” She means that she does not believe in your romantic soul and good intentions.

A good answer: Are you kidding? I am too shy to talk to all the girls around. You are the first one who has caught my interest in a long time.

A bad answer: What is wrong with you all today?

Generally, these are just top 11 phrases, you can hear from your girlfriend. However, if you are “armed” and know how to react to them correctly, you will definitely manage not to get into trouble and not to disappoint your beloved as well as save your own good mood.