A real man is naturally sexy, attractive and can get anything he wants. Still, every rule has at least one exception. In this article we will share the results of our survey, whose aim was to reveal these exceptions by asking Ukrainian ladies describe the men looks, which they will hardly find sexy.

Unsexy men look #1. Though strange it may seem, most girls’ image of an unsexy men look was, actually, not connected with a man’s appearance. About 75% of recipients answered that they will hardly find a man sexy if he smells not good.

Unsexy men look #2. Another thing that can ruin everything is… your hair. The owners of long thin hair, the fans of “king-hair” style, trying to hide the boldness as well as those, who are trying to disguise their grey hair by dying it in an unnaturally intense color or wearing wigs, fall beyond the level of being sexy.   

Unsexy men look #3. A number of girls have replied that wearing clothes out of turn is also very unsexy. For example: wearing shorts, Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops in a restaurant in a big city. Being in a resort place, at the beach you can surely wear these.

Another type of out of turn look is when you wear clothes not in the right season. Very often we can see men wearing winter boots, sweaters with ‘winter prints’ on them in spring or in summer. The only question that arises in the girl’s head is: “Oh, dear! Doesn’t he feel hot? What does this reindeer have to do with Mother’s Day?”

It is also inappropriate to wear a tank top as well as any head cover or gloves indoors.

Unsexy men look #4. Wearing clothes, which are not your size, will definitely make you look very unsexy.

If you wear the clothes, which are too small, you will look like a sausage. And whatever makes a sausage look attractive and encourage us to eat it, will hardly add any points to your sexy image as a man.

On the other hand, if you wear oversize clothes you risk hiding your good body from the girls’ eyes. Or, if you think you have to hide something and wear a loose sweater, it may look like a sack on you and even reveal what you were trying to conceal.

Wearing too short or too tight trousers, emphasizing your best parts of the body is absolutely not sexy for man. And it is also inacceptable to wear a T-shirt, which is short enough to see your tummy.

Oh, and one of the most unsexy man looks named, was men wearing oversize jeans or trousers without any belt. When they sit down or bend over, the buttocks, which usually attract women’s eyes, uncover in almost all their beauty, and, in fact, cause just the opposite effect: a big desire to run away and forget what you have just seen.

Unsexy men look #5. Your ability to combine clothes is very important. So if you do not want to look strange and unsexy NEVER WEAR:

  • Sneakers together with high socks and shorts;
  • Army boots with classical suit or trousers;
  • A T-shirt and a classical jacket;
  • Clothes for teenagers, if you aren’t one, etc.

Unsexy men look #6. A man wearing a jacket with sparkling sequin, or a shirt appropriate for women, can hardly be called sexy. One of the recipients remembered the day, when she was on a plane sitting next to a man wearing the same shirt as she had with horror.

Unsexy men look #7. Even wearing good and matching clothes, you can make yourself look unsexy. It will not look good, if a T-shirt or tank top you are wearing under your shirt is seen. Or, it is absolutely inacceptable to tuck your T-shirt in sport trousers. Wearing a shirt unbuttoned enough to see your body is also what you must not allow yourself to wear.

Unsexy men look #8. Wearing monotonous clothes like: a blue jacket, a blue tie, a blue shirt, will only make women wonder if you know that there other colors.

While wearing too colorful clothes like: red trousers, dark-green shirt and a yellow bow-tie, will definitely catch the girl’s eye, literally blinding her with the brightness of your image.

Unsexy men look #9. It is good to stand out of the crowd and be special; however wearing T-shirts with wacky prints is not a good decision. Some men solve the problem of individuality wearing a tie on which one can see little sheep or even condoms, which is not a way to success too.

Unsexy men look #10. Finally, you must understand that, no matter how good and trendy your clothes are, they will not make a woman like you if they are dirty and scruffy. So, if you do not want to look unsexy, start with being clean and neat.