Things every couple should do together

One of the main reasons to be in a relationship is having a person, a partner to spend the quality time with, share cheerful and sad moments of life and feel loved . Good and clear communication is the bedrock of all functional and successful relationships and it is achieved through shared experience. What is the meaning of successful relationship in your opinion? It is not a rocket science, but still people are trying to figure out how to make them work. The whole idea of getting into relationship needs understanding that you cannot act on your own accord, you should take your partner`s desires and feeling into consideration. While sharing your life, don`t neglect your own dreams and goals as well as your partner`s, give each other space. Don`t take everything for granted, don`t think that only big things make the relationship work, small details matter. If you master in appreciating little gestures, you will develop some greater feelings. Everything great and mighty starts growing from a little seed. Keep the fire burning like the first time, don`t count how many times you made surprises and said something nice, it doesn`t matter who scores more, the result is what matters. Emotional connection is important to keep the spark.

Let`s overview things for a couple to do together which can contribute to save intimacy and warmth in relationships.

Things to do as a couple. One of the main and easiest way to stay in each other lives is to share a hobby. It can be a totally new hobby or you can try each other`s hobbies and interests. You may play tennis or try yourselves in salsa. This will bring you closer as you can discuss and laugh at things that went well or not so well. Or if your lady is interested in modern art why not to visit a gallery and try to understand her inner world better?

Some adventurous things to do with your girlfriend is travelling. Mostly because this is fun and may create long lasting and abiding memories. What is better than exploring a romantic city together, trying unusual dishes or lying on a beach, getting tanned and drinking cocktails? Traveling builds joint memories that stay forever. You can also view how the other person behaves away from the normal surroundings and comforts of home and this will illuminate maybe a part of their character which was hidden before. According to the survey couples who travel more tend to be more understanding and patient, they have a better sex life and create everlasting memories.

What are the fun things to do at home for couples? If you can cook together it`s normally a representation of a good compatibility. It`s wonderful when both of you enjoy preparing food and work side by side delegating tasks or giving direction. After you may enjoy romantic dinner.

Sometimes we don`t need words to express our feelings. Eye contact can say more. I highly recommend you to spend time together in silence somewhere in front of the fireplace for example, holding hands, cuddling and watching fire play. If you are comfortable while keeping silence with each other, it is a high level of understanding.

You should be spontaneous. This might be a last minute weekend trip to another city or country or a sudden cocktail date up ‘Sky Lounge’ which offers great views across the city. It is better than another night in front of TV. Some of the most fun and amusing times will come from this I guarantee.

What are other things to do for fun with your girlfriend? Actually it is a good therapy to feel and behave like children time to time. It may be a pillow fight competition.

Try a roleplay to diversify your sex life, ask your partner what she likes the most and make it real. Watch a movie with sexual scenes.

Getting drunk together once may lead to unforgettable memories. Head to one of the bars and have a light drink session with your lady, laugh and feel at ease.

There are many fun things for a couple to do. One of you might enjoy playing video games, enroll your girlfriend in a fun with you. Do a karaoke session at home with your favourite cheerful songs.

You should experience the bad moments in life together. Life is not always about fun. Take care and appreciate a partner who was with you and supported you during the hard times. Take care of the one who hold your hand when it`s “cold”.

Here are some romantic couple activities. Just imagine the perfect picture: you, her, hot bath, bubbles in the bath and bubbles in the glasses, candles… Enjoy a nice treatment together, massage in the Spa. Organize a date on the rooftop, just two of you. Do a romantic photoshoot, watch the sunset or sunrise. How about breakfast in bed? Spoil your woman with hot cappuccino, or a glass of champagne with strawberries. I find it very intimate when couple read books to each other. You should definitely try it once, it is one of the cute ideas for couples.

Doing all these cute things for couples you make your hearts beat faster and grow a strong bond between each other. Make a bucket list of activities you both want to do together, put stickers and hang it on the wall.

There are lots of activities for a couple, celebrate life together every day, appreciate every moment and be grateful for everything and everyone in your life!