One of the main reason to be in a relationship is having a person, a partner to spend the quality time with, share cheerful and not really moments of life and feel loved and useful of course. Good and clear communication is the bedrock of all functional and successful relationships and this can be achieved through shared experience and doing things together.

Let`s overview what activities can help to save closeness and warmth in relationships.

Couple should share hobby. One of the main and easiest way to stay in each other lives is to share a hobby together. It can be a totally new hobby for both of you or you can try each other`s hobbies and interests. You can play tennis together or try yourselves in salsa. This will bring you together as you can discuss and laugh at things that went well or not so well. Or if your lady is interested in modern art why not to visit a gallery together and try to understand her inner world better?   

Couple should travel together. Mostly because this is fun and can form long lasting and abiding memories. What can be better than exploring a romantic city together, degustation unusual dishes or lying together on a beach, getting tan and drinking cocktails? Traveling builds joint memories that stay in your heads forever. You can also view how the other person operates away from the normal surroundings and comforts of home and this will illuminate maybe a part of their character otherwise hidden.

Couple should cook together. If couples can cook together it`s normally a representation of good compatibility. It`s wonderful when couples enjoy preparing food together and work side by side delegating tasks or giving direction. After you can enjoy romantic dinner together.

Couple should enjoy the silence together. Sometimes we don`t need words to express our feelings. Eye contact can say more. I highly recommend you to spend time together in silence somewhere in front of the fireplace for example, holding hands, cuddling and watching fire play.  

Couple should be spontaneous. Another thing I would like to see more couples doing, but many are held back by fear or the unknown or risk involved is be spontaneous! This can be a last minute weekend trip to Paris or a sudden cocktail date up ‘Sky Lounge’ in Kharkov which offers great views across the city. It is better than another night in front of very bad television. Some of the most fun and amusing times will come from this I guarantee. 

Couple should read to each other. I find it very intimate when couple read their books to each other. You should definitely try it once.  

Couple should do silly things together. Actually it is a good therapy to feel and behave like children time to time. It can be a pillow fight competition or try a roleplay to diversify your sex life. Getting drunk together once can lead to unforgettable memories or to the lack of memories.

Couple should experience the bad moments in life together. Life is not always about fun. Take care and appreciate a partner who was with you and supported you during the hard time in your life. I really love the words from a song of Imany: “Take care of the one who hold your hand when it`s cold”.

Couple should take a bath together. Just imagine the perfect picture: you, her, hot bath, bubbles in the bath and bubbles in the glasses, candles…

Every day celebrate life together, appreciate every moment and be grateful for everything and everyone in your life!