At least once some of you have been in the situation, when you say something after which your girlfriend makes a scene or is offended and you do not know why. So, if you want to keep relationship strong and avoid such situations, read our article and find out what not to talk about not to hurt your girlfriend’s feelings.

  1. Forget the word «woman». You must never address any girl starting your sentence like «Hey, woman,…» even if you want to ask something a mother with two kids. I would recommend you to use the word «dear», or at least your girlfriend’s name. That is what sounds really pleasant to every woman’s ears.
  2. Do not make any comparisons. If you ever compare your better half with any woman you know, for goodness sake, do it only in your mind if you want to keep relationship strong. If you tell about this to your better half, some heavy object can be thrown at you and after that you will become an active participant of a row and you will long be reminded about your ingenuous comparison of your girl’s and her friend’s dress.
  3. Never use the phrase «bad mother». If you and your better half do not have children yet, remember that you must never say this phrase to any mother. Just think: she bears the baby, then takes care of it, keeps the fire in your home burning… what would you do without her? So, even if you think that she does something wrong, find other «light» words to tell her about it. In other case, you will have a big quarrel, which will definitely have a bad effect on your child.
  4. Make compliments in a proper way. Imagine the situation when your girlfriend has invited her best friend to your place. You are having dinner and suddenly you are starting to make compliments to your better half. What will her friend feel like and what will she tell about you to her friend later? So, if you want to make a compliment to your girlfriend, do not forget to say something nice to her friend too. However, do not go too far not to offend your better half and make her think you fancy her friend.
  5. Forget what your mother used to do for you. If you really want to keep relationship strong, never compare your better half with your mother. Phrases like «mum usually adds more sugar to my coffee», or «mum used to do like this at home» can touch your girlfriend on the raw and she will immediately send you to your mother. If your better half is not impulsive, she will express her resentment in a different way, since the memories of this phrase will poison her from inside.
  6. Not a word about your ex girlfriends. Girls usually want to know how many women you had before, which of them was better, worse, more beautiful. But you must never tell your better half about your previous relationships, since one rash phrase will long be remembered. It is also a bad idea to talk over your girlfriend’s friends and tell that some of them are quite good, etc. Your better half must feel you love HER and SHE is the best one for you.
  7. Do not criticize her relatives. Imagine someone saying bad things about your parents. You would immediately smash your offender’s face. Your girlfriend will do the same to you, not necessarily using her fists, but you will definitely not like her reaction. Respect her relatives, not all of whom you might like. Still it is your girlfriend you live with, not her relatives, right?
  8. Pay attention to her. To keep relationship strong always make compliments to her. Do not keep staring at your computer screen or the phone if she asks how she looks. At least pretend that you have looked at her. It is very important for every girl. However, do not seize on minute details and say that something is wrong. If you like her dress, but do not like her jewellery, for example, you can make a hint about it, but do not be surprised if she will be in bad mood after that. It is better to offer her an alternative like «Dear, I like those earrings more. » Your girlfriend will wear what you have told her about.
  9. Not to get nervous… If your girlfriend is usually late because she «has to do the makeup, choose the right dress» etc, appoint your date 30 minutes before the exact time. For example, if you need to be at the cinema at 15.00, tell her you have to meet at 14.30. Then you will have more chances not to be late because she will come «on time».
  10. If you do not want to lose her, forget the phrase « if you do not like it, find somebody else». It will end your relationship.  Even if you stay together, she will be in search for someone better, whom she will run to the very moment she finds him. Why? Weren’t YOU the one who had offered this?

It is quite understandable that these are not all the phrases and situations you must avoid. However, knowing about these ten ones you will have a chance to escape quarrels and your chances to keep relationship strong will be higher. Good luck!