Things Women Secretly Want in Bed

Many females find it awkward to talk about such delicate topic as sex. Most of them won`t reveal their desires, but it doesn`t mean they don`t want to make them true. In order to decode your girl`s secret thoughts, explore her body and mind.

What do women secretly want in bed? Is it a romantic room filled with candles or something from 50 shades of Grey to fulfill all their wild dreams? There is no right “formula” for all women. Each person has peculiarities and preferences, some are more reserved and conservative about intimacy, some like experimenting and trying new things. We will share with you what women like about sex in general and you will find out tricks how to please women in bed.

  1. Kissing. It is a definitely a part of sexual act. Girls like to be kissed on the neck, lips and other erogenous zones. It gives a surge of excitement and pleasure. While kissing an earlobe whisper some passionate compliments, heating up the desire.
  2. Ladies are sensitive. Unlike men, who can be in the mood for sex quickly regardless of the place, women on the contrary need some time to reach a necessary relaxed mood. That`s why a foreplay is an essential part of the process. The most erogenous zone is the mind, if you play with it in the right way you both get pleasure. She can be excited even by the way you talk and look at her. Start a naughty talk, mention how seducing she is and slowly remove her clothes, kissing shoulders and breast, making the heart beat faster and goosebumps rush through her body.
  3. Make her feel special. When a girl is desirable, she is not ashamed of some body flows, shares sexy energy that fulfills you from within.
  4. Females like dominative males, while she is a boss at work or CEO of a big company, in bed she wants you to be in charge. But sometimes they do like to rule.
  5. Not all women want to limit sex to a bed. Be spontaneous and experiment with locations, it might be a bathroom, laundry room or a kitchen table. Make your phantasies come true. Try different things during sex to satisfy a lady. Foreplay is an important part of an intercourse, but sometimes you can initiate a “quickie”, a spontaneous quick exciting process.

What are other sexual things to do to your partner? Be vocal. Do you like when a woman moans during intimacy? I bet, you do! She wants you to express your emotions too. You may even include some dirty talks, but make sure your girlfriend likes it.

What does a woman like in bed the most? Being desired and loved by you in all senses.

Here more things that women like in bed:

  1. An erotic massage. Set the mood with music and candles. Start with general techniques, slowly setting an intimate mood, touching her erogenous zones.
  2. Don`t impress her with quantity, they do appreciate the quality more. If you concentrate on one pose for hours, she might fall asleep from monotonous moves. But avoid switching poses every minute too, do not twist and turn in order to show how experienced you are.
  3. Role-play. She might imagined herself a strict police woman or a sexy nurse at least once. It is the perfect way to make her wildest dream come true. When you get a chance, ask your lady about her phantasies and make them true. You can find out indirectly about her dreams using sexting. Here girls may spill out things they want but won`t ask for. Monotony is a terrible thing.
  4. Explore a woman`s body. It takes her more time to be aroused than a man. So, don`t rush! If you feel aroused in a minute just by looking at her, she might need a bit more time to feel a sexual arousal.
  5. Play with her hair. Grab it and pull it a bit, this dominative move will make her enjoy the process.

There are plenty of different things to do to a girl in bed. You may expand the horizons of diversity depending on the level of trust and intimacy you have developed in a couple. If you know each other good enough, you may try some sex toys during intimacy. You both can reach different levels of satisfaction by involving toys in the process.

If you are confident enough, do it in front of the mirror. Observe and admire the process. It also helps to get rid of shyness. Maybe you are brave enough to shoot a small home movie. Why not? If you like watching videos of other people doing this, watch together. It might bring new ideas for you.

Play with ice cubes on a female body. When things do heat up, it is a good way to play with ice to cool down. You may finish the act with it, like having a dessert after the main course.

If a lady wants something rough, but still not ready for the scenes from 50 shades of Grey, play it subtle, using a tie or a scarf. If she likes it, go ahead with something more extreme. Buy handcuffs to spice up your relationship. There are plenty of devices, which are safe and easy to use. But before implementing something like this, be sure you know how it works in order to avoid awkward situation. Let me share a story of my female friend as an example for you how NOT to do. She met a gentleman at the wedding of her best friend. They both were single at that period of life, after having so much fun at party, they decided to continue their communication after. They had few dates before the first intimacy, because they had so much chemistry and they couldn`t wait any longer. He rent a flat for the first night. He said it would be unforgettable and she was really excited. Must probably he was preparing a lot beforehand. Upon arriving there, the first thing she saw was a room with different strange objects, which reminded her sex toys. She was surprised and even scared. He skipped the part of being romantic and moved on with his “plan”. It felt very weird and strange, she decided to stop him and offered to drink tea instead. She was not ready for such scenes. That’s why you should be careful while experimenting with a lady so soon.

I am sure you have learnt a lot about things girls like in bed in this article. The main thing you should remember, ensure that she enjoys herself with you. When she is happy and relaxed, she gives you the most pleasure. Get to know her better and you will find out the secret of her satisfaction. Some women are very romantic and sensitive, it would be awkward for them to use any toys. Some girls like to be dominant, some want you to “rule”. Listen to her desires instead of following general clichés and rules. Each girl is unique. Be romantic and caring outside of your bedroom too, give compliments and show how much you love her every day, not only at the moment of sexual interaction. Generally women gain the highest satisfaction when they love a man. Your muscles are pretty good and important too, but what is far more important is your attitude.