Let us imagine such a situation: there are two people, who are attracted to each other. She is beautiful, young and attractive; he is energetic, successful and interested in her. What should he do, if his girlfriend is about 10 years younger? The main task for him is to build long-term relationship, of course. How to do this and what should he know about dating a younger girl? We are ready to tell in this article.

To begin with, when you think of dating a younger girl, remember that the first problem you will face is the girl’s fears. She will have thousands of questions inside her head like “Why does he need me?”, “What shall I do with him?”, “How can I get his interest?”, “What if he leaves me after we have sex?” Your task in such a situation is to get the girl’s trust and clear out any doubts that tease your young beloved. It is better not to promise her eternal love and marriage as young women are rather naive to believe your “promises”.

Another problem you can face dating a younger girl is the fear of intimacy. To cope with it, you must let your girlfriend understand that sex is the step to the next stage of relationship because this is how everyone does. The younger a girl is, the more serious her attitude to sex is too. Therefore, do not push on her.

Believe it or not, but dating a younger girl, you could find out that she is afraid of being uninteresting to a more experienced partner like you. Therefore, while talking to her, it is better not to ask her about her her job (especially if she is young enough to be a student), tell her about your “grown-up serious hobbies”, etc. it is better to discuss something neutral.

Dating a younger girl is not that bad, but you must remember that you are successful, experienced, you have reached the top and therefore you play the odds, since the peers, who surround her are not your rivals and you compare favorably with them. Still you must be reasonable enough to use your odds in a right way.

Dating a younger girl it is not desirable to show off. The first step to mutual understanding and success is simple communication; so it is not necessary to go on a spending spree and spend the first date in a posh restaurant or shower the girl with flowers and presents. Be reasonable in your desire to make her like you.

Another thing you must remember dating a younger girl is that you are not her dad. Of course, you have a wider experience, surely you can be right, but… she is not your daughter, she is your life partner. Therefore, if there is something you disagree about, you must either let her act the way she thinks right, or, being more experienced, you could offer her to look at the situation from a different perspective, discuss all pros and cons and only after that do anything. Being wise enough, you will manage to keep her from making a mistake without suppressing her and reminding that “she is too young and foolish” to make any decisions.

Finally, couples with 10 and more years age difference have to face such problems like the opinion of society, different social circle of communication, different views on life and, often, being the representatives of different generations.

Dating a younger girl in such a case, you will have to constantly work on your relationship. Both of you will have to be ready to compromise, but if you truly love each other, your couple will be a good mixture of experience and youth, wit and enthusiasm, wisdom and beauty, etc.

In conclusion, I want to say, that this article is just a rough generalization and every separate relationship is unique and you must not be afraid to love. As the saying goes “when it comes to love, it is never too late”, and if you have mutual understanding any age boundaries vanish; you will overcome any difficulties if you have someone for whom you try. No problems can fight the happiness of finding your better half.