Three dates model. Second date

It goes without saying, if a lady agrees to meet you after your first date, she will probably have an interest in going out with you. Thinking what to do or what to talk about on a second date? Are you looking for extraordinary ideas? Frankly speaking, getting to know each other better is your main goal. Obviously, your aim is to attract the girl. It seems less stressful than your first meeting, when you tend to focus on how to make a favorable impression and you feel like you’re on a test the whole time.

Do your best to stay positive about the situation. Take a deep breath. Before the second date you’d better determine your expectations. Does your potential girlfriend like taking things slow? Or is she warm and passionate? You don’t need to demonstrate your maddening ability to compartmentalize telling the lady your five-year plan. Let the conversation run its course.

It’s significant to make a determined effort to select a place and figure out the best options among a wide variety of different second date ideas. For instance, if you’ve got used to dancing and romantic dinners by candlelight like a duck to water, ask the woman whether she wants to dance.

Going for a long walk is another great idea as sitting down can be stressful but walking is therapeutic and it allows you to be relaxed. Taking a long walk together helps to bring you closer to each other. Being in good shape, you can go to the beach in summer or to the swimming pool in winter. Besides, you’re able to attend an exhibition or concert, go to the theatre or to the cinema, etc.

The first part of the date should be devoted to spontaneous interaction, when you have a chance to deepen your communication. As a rule, the girl becomes more talkative and smiling, looks into your eyes, tells about her innermost feelings, asks you questions, lets you friendly touches. Attraction is built through touching. If you don’t touch your date, attraction will not build or fade away. Find opportunities and ways to touch as often as possible.

And what about sex? It depends on how you both view sex. It seems essential to figure out if you both are on the same page. Talk first, act later. While not every dating scenario that involves sex leads to marriage or even a serious relationship, couples do owe it to themselves to talk about where they see their relationship going before getting in bed. Having an honest conversation with yourself is just as important as discussing intimacy with your partner.