Part 3. The second date.

Before giving you any advice about the second date, I want to make you understand that if a girl has agreed to meet with you after the first date, she has got interested in you. That is why your main goal is not to prove yourself to be SOMETHING, but to have a correct and beautiful date. Your main goal at the second date is to attract the girl.

It is very important to do whatever it takes to make the second date different from the first one because if you use the same scheme, you will have two first dates. So, you have to choose a place, which is not similar to the one where you had your first meeting. It has to be the place, in which you are very likely to cause sexual attraction making an effect on the girl’s instincts. For example, if you take to discos like a duck to water, ask the girl there. If you have a good body, go to the beach (in the summer) or to the swimming-pool (in the winter). If you have good friends who respect you, ask the girl to join your company, etc.   

The second date can be divided into two phases:

1. The phase of friendly communication, which is needed to relax the girl. You continue and deepen the communication, which you started at the first date.

The signs of relaxation: she becomes more talkative, smiles more often, looks into your eyes, lets you friendly touches (like give her a hand, hold her waist letting her go forward), talks about her emotional worries, asks you friendly questions wishing to find out your answer, etc.

The duration of this phase: first fifteen-thirty minutes. As soon as you feel that everything is going the right way move to the second phase.

It is very important not to make the friendly phase last too long. Since if the girl starts seeing a friend in you and telling some boring stories from her life that she could share with a friend of hers, you are very likely to spoil everything. In case you think you have come to such a “friendly” conversation, try to move to the sexual context phase as quickly as possible.

2. The phase of sexual context. If you do not want to be her friend only, you must risk. When can the conversation between a man and a woman become boring? When they both skip the main topic, which is that we are different and it is not necessary to hide men’s feelings that differ men from women. In any situation, when a man and a woman stay eye-to-eye, a sparkle appears between them and the dialogue without any risks is sexually uninteresting. If your conversation is only about understanding, support and showing your liking (different ways – from flowers to buying her drinks in the bar), it will not develop sexually.  That is why you can start, for example, with asking her questions like: What underwear are you wearing? You smell so exciting! What perfume are you wearing? (You lean towards her, smell and kiss her on the neck), etc.   

At this phase the girl must subconsciously understand that you want to be her sexual partner, not a friend. It is also the right time for you to understand what you are allowed to do. Of course, every next move you do can be considered as sexual and be rejected. But if you do not try, you will never know, if she likes you.  

The signs of establishing sexual context: you can do whatever you want and the girl accepts it and shows head-desire.

The aim of the second date: to get closer and claim yourself to be a potential lover.

The condition on which you can finish the second date is the obvious girl’s denial of sex. But in that case it is very important to understand whether she does not want it today, or it is a part of the game in which you are a persistent man and she is an obstinate woman.

Time limits: not longer than three hours. If you have not had sex during this time, leave it for the next date.