Three dates model. Third date

If you have managed to get that far, you must definitely go on with what you are doing. That is why, if you do have an intention to seduce a woman, the third date is the final straight to your main goal achievment.

Your main task at the third date is to develop communication, which you had during your first and second meeting. It is even more important to find and then spend your third date in a place convenient for sex. And when the right moment comes, you must take any necessary but reasonable action to get what you are after.

If you ask me why we advise to have sex at the third date, the answer will be as follows: why do you think the woman did not let you proceed with your “sexual” actions at the previous date? What is she waiting for at the next one? Talking about flowers and butterflies? Of course not. She is absolutely ready to go to the final stage of her game and the beginning of your relationship. What makes me think so? The very fact that she has come to the third date.

If a woman has decided to continue your communication after the second date, she is redy to give herself to you. However, there is one thing you must keep in mind. You have to show her that there is a sparkle of passion and do whatever it takes to make her feel exhausted and happy in the morning. (I hope you know what I mean.)

By the way, in case the woman tells you that the main condition of your third date will be that you will not touch her, you have to analyze what you did wrong at the previous stages. And if you have done everything correctly, it is better not to have the third date. Do not invent anything, but openly tell her that you cannot guarantee you will not touch her.

When the date begins, do not run at her shouting “Wow! A woman! Alive!!!” Just wait half an hour. During this time you can talk about life (for about fifteen minutes) and then spend another fifteen minutes to excite her and prepare for sex.

The main aim of the third date: numerous orgasms.

Time limit: no. Take as much time as you want, need and can.

Summarising what we have written in the previous parts, we want to remind you that the seduction process consists of three critical points, the correct going through which depends only on you. They are:

Introduction. Learning the girl’s name.

Moving to the phase of “sexual context”.

Moving on to sex.

Your main task is to pay special attention to these moments.

It is also very important to understand that the girl you will want to have long relationship with will be among the ones, who will agree to spend a short time with you, meaning that she likes you enough not to ask for any responsibilities or duties.

If a girl has not got into your bed in 1 – 3 dates, it does not mean that she is too clever or too decent. It means that she is not into you. She can be clever and reasonable with you, but with another guy, she will need only 10 minutes to get to the next stage. Such behavior does not mean that she is holding everything under control, she just does not like you enough to see a sexual partner in you.

Of course, if you do want to have sex with her, you can continue dating her for more than three dates. But keep in mind, that you are unlikely to establish strong relationship with such a girl because you will either have to continue selling her on in your relationship, or you will just get disappointed in her and will not want to be together with her.

Finally, I want you to remember, that when there is chemistry between you, mutual attraction appears very quickly. And if you have managed to start relationship quickly, it is definitely the indicator that it will last. Consequently, it is usually enough to have 1-3 dates to understand who you are dealing with. The rest can be checked when you have begun loving relationship with a girl.