Three dates model. Third date

Should you manage to get so far having your third date, you’d definitely better keep doing what you’re doing. Therefore, if your intentions are serious and you want to seduce a woman, it is your final step you should take to achieve your major goal.
Perhaps, your aim is to develop communication and strengthen the ties, so it’s rather essential to think about sex and places suitable for this purpose. If the moment is right, you will use reasonable efforts to take all the necessary measures.
Do you know why we recommend having sex at the third date? In your point of view, why couldn’t the lady let you move significantly forward towards sex earlier? What is she looking forward to? Is she interested in talking only? We bet she is ready to move to the next phase of your romantic relationship. Why do we believe it’s true? She has already agreed to come!
If she decides to date and communicate with you, the girl feels she will surrender to the right man. Nevertheless, you need to show your passion. We suggest that you should do your best to make her feel thrilled and tired in the morning.
However, if the lady insists on not touching her, you should seriously consider your relationship and weigh the pros and cons. You’d better tell her about your expectations honestly. Anyway, at the beginning of the meeting, you can choose a wide variety of topics as long as they are appropriate. There is no time limit. What we would like to remind is that there are some crucial points when it comes to sexual context. If the girl is not ready to get into your bed, it doesn’t obviously mean she’s too decent or smart. Probably, she’s not particularly interested in you. For instance, she might need ten minutes with another guy to take the next step.
To sum up, if two adults have chemistry, mutual attraction tends to appear pretty quickly. We would like to emphasize that one of the indicators of a healthy relationship is an easy start. You have an opportunity to realize who you deal with, you’ve already seen her three times. Hope, you’ll have loads of fun together!