We are often asked if Tinder in Ukraine is as popular as in other countries. To tell you the truth, the interest to dating applications is growing every day and Tinder is not an exception.

However, those girls, who use this application often say that there is no hope to find an adequate man for serious relationship through Tinder in Ukraine. Why? Here are three real stories told us by the girls, who were extremely sorry to use this dating app.

Tinder in Ukraine vs Tinder in USA

Helen, 30 y.o. After the break-up with a man, who I truly loved, I was depressed. I did not know what to do, where to go and how to live… Registering on Tinder in Ukraine was my attempt to run away from dark thoughts. At that moment I still had the feelings for my ex-boyfriend. However, when a man, who seemed to be interesting asked me to go on a date with him, I agreed.

 Having spent an hour with him I learnt how many problems he had, how destiny was unfair to him and finally I had to be saved by a call from an imaginary friend.

Since that time I have been using Tinder for two years just for fun, and I have never had a chance to meet with anyone as they seemed to want only sex from me and sounded very rude.

Olga, 25 y.o.  In my opinion, Tinder in Ukraine is not the most popular dating application, still I decided to try it and registered there to meet interesting people and meet HIM. I truly hoped to find some serious relationship, but all men, who I communicated with were only interested in sex. A lot of men sent me indecent photos or asked me to do the same. That is absolutely disgusting. And I am not sure if any of Ukrainian men are interested in creating a family or finding their one.

Natalia, 27 y.o. In my opinion, men who use Tinder in Ukraine do not look for serious relationship. You can meet a man from any layer of society, starting with a pizza delivery boy and finishing with a minister’s son. The information and photos in the profile are fake and I cannot be sure that I will meet the same person I see on the screen. These are not just words as I have had a couple of meetings with Ukrainian men I met online. What is more, most men do not understand why I put a like to their photo if I am not going to have sex with them. That is why now I am using Tinder just for fun without any hopes…

These are only three of many stories telling that men using Tinder in Ukraine are, unfortunately, not serious, mostly interested in sex without any responsibilities and often aggressive. Maybe this is why Ukrainian girls tend to look at men from the USA.

And here is what our girls say about the American men using Tinder:

  1. They are serious. Most of them want to find their one and start a family with a woman they will love.
  2. They really mean it. If they say that they like you or want to have a relationship with you they do intend to work for it.
  3. They are interested not only in your appearance. Of course, using Tinder we cannot help choosing someone by their profile picture, still American men do not choose only photo models, they do look at the girl’s character, interests and care about her intensions.
  4. They are kind and polite. Having communicated with American men, you understand that they are real gentlemen. They never use swear words or offer anything indecent, which is really attractive.
  5. They are generous. Well, all the girls, who had a chance to meet American men from Tinder, said that all of them were far from being mean. It was not that the girls wanted to get more money out of their dates or had no their own money. They just enjoyed being taken care of by a real man.

Finally, summarising everything said above I just have to admit that Tinder in Ukraine has quite many users both male and female, however, Ukrainian girls tend to look for foreign men as they seem to be more family-oriented and safe.