You have finally found HER and are ready to come to Ukraine. However, what is the best way to approach her? How to conduct a date? If you go through our tips for dating a Ukrainian woman, you will be all armed when time comes.

Tip for dating № 1. Make the correct positioning

The first thing you have to come up with is your self-esteem, which you will need to cope with emotions.  To relieve any worries, think of what your benefits are. You could first think that you have not so much to offer your beautiful Ukrainian date, still, if you take some time, you will realize that you are kind, caring, positive, etc. Such qualities are appreciated by women, so you will definitely be on the first step to success.

Tip for dating № 2. Be in good mood

Before the date itself you must be in high spirits. You are going to have a great time with a woman you like, why would such an event spoil your pleasure? You are the only person, who knows how to cheer yourself up! You could watch your favourite film, eat your favourite dish, listen to some good music try to communicate with people on a positive note all day long and smile.

Tip for dating № 3. She is “just a human”

A lot of men worry before the date because they think their woman is perfect and they are afraid they will not make a good match for her. Still, she is “just a human, after all”, and it could help to look for her drawbacks. However, it is not the best idea for a real man, as a real man must be self-confident and he must be the leader. You are “the driver” and you will decide how to build the date and your lady will have to follow you, and believe me, she will not mind it.

Tip for dating №4. Take care of your appearance

Yes, you have to start with yourself, as the way you look is very important for Ukrainian women. You remember that they like taking care of their own appearance and their men must also look good. So, your clothes and unshaven face will not gain you any points, which you need so much.

It is, of course, late to think of going to the gym, so you have to see to the right clothes. It is better to leave jeans and a T-shirt at home and choose something more stylish. You could wear trousers and a shirt (not a business suit, of course) and CLEAN shoes (VERY IMPORTANT). If you do not think you have such clothes, you could ask any woman you trust to help you. In case you are one of our clients, we will gladly help you to look great.

Besides clothes there are two more things, which make your style: accessories and perfume. A good watch or a bracelet on your wrist, trendy sunglasses (when they are needed), a classy lighter will definitely attract any girl’s attention. And if you add some excuisite aroma to your image, you are likely to suceed.

Tip for dating №5. Choose the place correctly

It is better to think of several places to conduct a date, as changing the setting is absolutely necessary to make the date a dynamic and interesting one, especially if it is your first date with a woman. During the first date you could go through three different stages: getting to know her, getting in close touch with her and even trying to seduce her. Each of these stages must take place in a different location.

The stage of getting to know each other could take place somewhere in the open air, for example in a park, where you can walk and talk. While talking the best topics to discuss are: the girl’s hobbies and interests, her childhood, some interesting stories from your life, general philosopic topics, relationship between a man and a woman, animals, dreams. Try to avoid the “men only” topics like football, politics, sports, alcohol and other women.

It is better to go through the stage of getting in close touch with her in a cosy silent place. A restaurant with quiet live music and romantic setting will be a good choice, since you will have a chance to talk to each other without the necessity to shout. At this stage you must communicate as if you are close relatives and have known each other since childhood. So, more personal topics are possible to be discussed.

If you are planning to seduce the girl at the first date, you have to think of some special highlight of the evening. You could organise a face-to-face after-dinner with champagne and fruit on the roof of a tall building. Another place is on top of a ferris wheel. It is quite possible to make a deal with its supervisor and he will stop the wheel, when you are on top. If, while you are there, you take out a bottle of champagne from under the seat, your woman will be really impressed.

Being under such an impression, any girl is almost ready to continue the evening in the way you have planned. Therefore it will be a good idea to invite her to your place. You could say that you have to feed your pet, or offer the girl to try one of your collection teas or wines. But remember, that you must have whatever you offer at home! And, of course, make sure your place is clean and ready for guests. Prepare the music, think of where you will sit, what you will say to the girl, where you will touch her, etc.

Now that you have read our tips for dating, you are almost ready to win a Ukrainian girl’s heart. However, you must remember that every girl is different and you will still have to be inventive and be ready to make quick decisions if you want your date to be successful.