Single men who are looking for love might know Tinder or even tried it before. We have diversity of dating sites nowadays what offer various of services and different kind of help in this not an easy task to find the love of your life.

I work at a matchmaking agency and have seen many clients who came to our office frustrated after using dating sites. Some of them were typically scammed, others just wasted much time and were still single. I don`t want to tell that it doesn`t work. Actually it does but not for everyone. I have even an example among my friends. Let`s call her Anna. She just broke up with her boyfriend. They were together for three years. After splitting up Anna was destroyed and barely survived separation. It was hard time for her. After some period of time she decides to try a luck on Tinder just for fun and to entertain herself. She didn`t want anything serious after long lasting relationship what leaded to nothing. I remember clearly that her first date didn`t go well. From Anna`s story a date took off his shoes and simply put his foot on a chair in cafe. Of course it was the first and the last date with that guy. She decided to try a luck one more time and her next date definitely was more successful. I remember her words: the date was great but the guy was too handsome. I pay your attention, that ladies are afraid of too handsome guys.

Tip from matchmaker #1

Don`t try to impress her only by your look. The long story short Anna is still together with the handsome guy and they just moved in together after a year of dating. I assume that the less you expect the more you get.

Tip from matchmaker #2

Less expectations. Tinder is for men who haven`t decided yet if they are ready to settle down. They keep playing lottery and think what if…

Tip from matchmaker #3

Be serious in your intensions. Ask yourself is it what you really want? And if the answer is positive, go for it.

Tip from matchmaker #4

Do actions. You decide for yourself that you are ready to build a family. At the same time you are continuing to live in a small apartment in a not friendly neighborhood. Or you are dreaming about a model looking wife but is overweight yourself. Time for changes. Put some effort first, move to another area, buy a membership to a gym and you will see the universe will double pay you.     

Tip from matchmaker #5

Invest in your life. I don`t speak about money (but be ready that you will need it as well) I speak about time. There is always no right time for arranging your private life. There are always so many different, “more important” tasks to do. But how you know, time flies.

Tip from matchmaker #6

Don`t wait too long. You deserve to be happy today. If you are serious about building a family and live happily ever after, entrust this delicate task to the professionals. Advantages of the professional matchmaking agency are always privacy, quality, efficiency and professionalism. You are not alone in this journey, you are guided by a professional matchmaker who gives you the proper advice.

It`s a really effective way to find the love of your life.

Good luck!