Tips on Attracting a Ukrainian Woman

Before dating a girl from another country, you should get familiar with her culture and traditions. Dating someone from another culture may be very challenging, so it is better to be all armed and get to know some courtesy rules before you try. In our article we have tried to share the best tips on how to date a Ukrainian woman.

What are average Ukrainian girls like in real life?

As you might probably heard they are included in the top list of the most gorgeous in the world. There are 195 countries and they are in the top. A pretty good result, isn`t it? You may notice different types of ladies, some features are very common among them, some are very different. You may see blondes, red-haired girls and brunettes. They are mostly slim and hot.

They are stylish and elegant, follow latest fashion trends. They are very feminine as well. You can see lots of girls wearing high-heels and dresses. She knows how to look stunning in any place, so you can be proud sitting with her in the restaurant, shopping and walking in the park.

Besides beauty and style, they are smart and well-educated. Almost 80 % of females have a university degree, balancing successful careers and family life at the same time. Not rarely you may meet a mother of two, who is 25 years old and is a very successful businesswoman. As nowadays technologies allow people to work from home and be not less successful, it gives an opportunity to develop in different spheres online and give attention to children and husband.

Let me share tips on dating a Ukrainian woman:

  1. Ukrainian ladies look after themselves well, so they will definitely be attracted by a man, who does the same. So, if you want to attract and impress a girl, you must definitely look good: have a good haircut, manicure, pedicure. Your face must be clean shaven and, of course you should wear neat clothes. Dress to impress. Appearance matters and plays an important role. You should be physically attractive to your partner. Wear something smart casual, there is no need to come for a date in a tuxedo and wear a bow-tie. Be comfortable in your own skin. It shows the level of your confidence.
  2. It is very important to act well in public. The way you walk, talk and mime does matter. So, if you want to look attractive, your posture must be straight, face relaxed and walk confident. It is also important to smile and be ready to act. Be brash and persistent, however do not go over the limit. The girl must know that you are ready to set the goals and reach them.
  3. Be courteous. Men in Ukraine open the door for a lady before entering a restaurant or any other place, give a hand when getting off the bus, open the door in the car and help to take off the coat.
  4. Be emotional enough to be interesting to listen to, make your speech rich in metaphors, etc.
  5. You must demonstrate that you are the “head” and you make the final decision. The woman can say that she can do everything herself, solve her problems without your help, still all women feel men, who have strength and they are attracted to them. So, you must be tender and tough, romantic and pragmatic at the same time. Act depending on what the woman needs at this very moment.
  6. No other man can be better than you. The woman you want to win must believe that you are the very man, she wants to be with.
  7. Your touch is very important. Thinking of dating Ukrainian women remember that there are different kinds of touch: friendly, sexual, intimate. You must touch the girl in a proper way at every stage of your communication. If you have just met, you can only lightly touch her shoulders to add power to your words. Without any touch, she might consider you as a friend. Even though ladies are reserved and do not open up very fast, they wait for your actions. One of the international couples had such mistake. A gentleman liked a girl very much, they were spending a lot of time at the beginning of dating. They attended concerts, had a lot of dinners together in the restaurants, went for a walk in the park, but he showed no sign of physical attraction. She started to think that she was only a friend for him, because even upon staying together in one room he didn`t dare to touch her. So she stopped talking to him, because she really liked him romantically. He was very disappointed why she behaved like that. She explained and talked to him openly. Everything should be in time, he was just a bit shy. Communication is the key. After talking to each other, they defined their relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend.
  8. How to get a Ukrainian girl to like you? You must live a full and exciting life so that the girl could feel great with you. If your life consists of work and home, you will have nothing to offer and nowhere to get life experience to share. To attract a Ukrainian woman’s attention you must lead an active lifestyle, go to various lectures, read books, travel. In such a case, you will be interesting for the girl. You should be happy with yourself first to make someone else happy. People who are passionate about hobby or occupation, they reflect interest and shine with happiness. If your life is dull and senseless, it is useless to try to find a person to make it brighter. When we look at the buffet full of different dishes, which one catch your attention more? I bet those, which look bright and seem yummy. The same happen with people. We are attracted to “yummy” people.
  9. Finally, there is nothing better to attract a woman’s attention than a sense of humor and reasonable teasing. If you know how to make a girl laugh, you definitely win a Ukrainian woman`s heart. Most men cannot joke with a woman, they think that if they tease they will offend her. Or they want to make the “best” impression and look better for the girl.
  10. One more useful advice on dating Ukrainian women I would like to give is mastering an art of giving compliments, it is going to be of a great help. It is a good way to lift her mood and boost confidence.
  11. Be creative and romantic. Surprise Ukrainian girl while dating, send her an unexpected bouquet of flowers, a gift card, a lovely message in the morning, be affectionate and express your love.
  12. If you want to impress her, learn a few phrases in her native language. It is going to melt any girl`s heart. I will help you with list of phrases, which are easy to learn:
    • You are so sweet. – Ty taka myla.
    • You are the most romantic woman I have ever met! – Ty sama romantychna zhinka yaku ya zustrichav.
    • I love you – Ya tebe kohau.
    • You are beaituful – Ty privabliva.

The desire for men to be successful among women is undeniable. Sometimes it is even stronger than the desire to be successful in career. Take care of your body and soul first and put more efforts and you will reach success with women, either they are from Ukraine or any other country. I hope my dating tips on dating Ukrainian women were useful for you!