Good time of day, my dear reader. To tell you the truth, we have written so many articles with advice on different aspects of relationship, that it is high time we write something different to let you just relax while reading. That is why, we have decided to devote this article to a couple of true stories of how our clients have decided to leave online dating and try personal matchmaking service, which finally gave them their true love .

The first story is about my best friend, whose name is Alina!

I met Alina several years ago and we became friends very quickly. What I liked about her is her belief in better future. She always wanted to find her true love and after breaking up with her boyfriend, who was not a real gentleman, Alina wanted to look for a man abroad. Having fluent English, communication was not a problem for her. That is why she easily registered at one of numerous dating sites and showered me with stories about different men she was communicating with. Some of them were quite interesting to her, others had strange profiles, however all of them had one thing in common: it was not possible to meet any of them. So, one day, Alina said that she was losing hope. I could not let this happen and offered her to try personal matchmaking service in our agency. Alina had nothing to lose and agreed.

Interestingly, right at that time we had a new client from China, who was looking for a girl exactly like Alina. We organised a couple of dates for them and they were quite happy. They spent a lot of time together travelling and Alina even visited China to see his surroundings and meet his family. What happened next? They got married and lived happily ever after? No… Having spent some time together, they understood that they were not made for each other and they broke up. Still neither Alina nor her ex-boyfriend decided to leave matchmaking service. On the contrary, they came back to us very enthusiastic, saying that they are ready to find their ONES.  And you know what? It has been a year since Alina met another man, who turned out to be the love of her life. He proposed to her several months ago and we all (me, as a friend, as well as Diolli Cupids) are waiting for Alina`s wedding, wishing her and her fiance only happy life!

Another story is devoted to an office romance, so to say.

It was long time ago, when I first came to a small agency providing matchmaking service to Ukrainian girls. There were just four of us: our boss, me and two other girls, who were working as interpreters, helping Ukrainian girls to communicate with foreign men, who called or texted them.

When I started communicating with them closer, I found out that one of the girls, whose name is Olga was using several dating sites in hope to find herself a man. Time was passing by, the agency was developing and turned into a big company providing international matchmaking service both to Ukrainian girls and men from abroad. This is when the online communication between our girls-clients and their virtual boyfriends came to the new level: it moved from the world wide web to real life. And this is when Olga met her present husband John. He was having a tour around Ukraine and decided to visit our office to meet the staff, talk about our services, etc. When he came into the room and Olga`s eyes met his, we understood that he would not leave without her. And we were right. They fell head over hills in love and soon got married. Now Olga lives in the USA, but whenever she comes to Ukraine to visit her family, we always get together and remember this magic story of life.

Why does matchmaking service work so well? In my personal opinion, that is because it works for people and through people, unlike soulless sites. So, if you want to meet a real person and are tired of checking out thousands of profiles, address professionals whose life is matchmaking service and you are bound to find your ONE. Good luck.