Life is all about timing. We are always wondering when is the right time to arrange your private life, when is the right time to start a serious relationship, when is the right time to kiss her for the first time? It`s difficult to answer all these questions because it`s so individual for everyone. I can`t say that the last Monday of March will be the perfect time to kiss her. Even a fortune lady won`t help you with it. What I really can suggest you is to do actions. Nothing will change in your life without actions from your side. Take a risk. It`s better to try and regret than not to try at all, miss the chance and regret till the end of the life about missed opportunity!

Let`s discuss a specific situation. You finally meet a lady you really like and find extremely attractive, you even can imagine the future together with her. You put so much effort, strength and imagination to invite her on the first date and now when you spend a lovely evening together you have got another fear in your head: to kiss or not to kiss her.

kiss me already

Fight the fears in your head and start to catch lady signals.

How can you know if she wants to be kissed?

There are several tips for you:

  • Pay attention to her body language. If the lady doesn`t cross her legs and arms, her face, chest and feet are directed to you, that will be good signs but still don`t do hasty conclusions, keep observing;
  • Look in her eyes. If she doesn`t put her eyes away while you are looking at her, if her pupils get bigger and time to time you catch her looking at your lips…maybe it will be the perfect time for you to make a move;
  • Her lips can say a lot even without words. A lady who wants to be kissed by a man in front of her, might bite or lick her lips involuntarily. Her mouth might be slightly open while she is looking at you;

If you noticed these signs in your date you would better take the first move because from the lady you could wait for it for a very long time.

Touch. If you notice that you and your lady feel comfortable when you are in each other`s personal space already and she doesn`t mind you to touch her hand unnoticeably, she as accidentally touches your shoulder in response, there shouldn`t be any doubts anymore, just kiss your lady! Leave behind all your fears and just go for it.                

Use every opportunity to make your life better. Your life can change upside down in one moment. What if she was your destiny but you didn`t try to kiss her and lost the opportunity to build a happy relationship or even to build a family? What if she was the love of your life but because of your fears, you let her go?

“To kiss or not to kiss her” shouldn`t be a question. Of course to try, to meet, to kiss and to fall in love!

Live to the fullest.