Best romantic ideas for busy couples

When we are busy with daily routine, sometimes we put romance on the last place, euphoria wanes and couples get bored. We should keep the spark through a lifetime. The more romance you create, the healthier your love is going to be.

If you are not ready for moonlight walks on the beach or singing serenades next to her house, we have some exciting date night ideas for you. We are ready to help you with our creative tips on how to make your busy days flavored with romance.

  1. Watch sunset or sunrise. Take a ride to the nearest lake or reservoir, have a blanket with you and a bottle of wine or champagne. At this time you are going to be only two of you unless someone wants to do the same. But there are high chances that no one will disturb your intimacy. You can talk about your deepest secrets and dreams. Let your phantasy take you somewhere far from daily routine. Learn to distract yourself.
  2. One of the best romantic night ideas you can do at home is sitting next to the fireplace. If you do have it at home, you may frequently organize it, if not find a cosy place where you may enjoy a pleasant quality time. Hold hands, you may even share a blanket and have a glass of red wine. Let the fire warm your hearts too. There are many things couples can do together at home, do more activities starting from cooking to having a bath together. Cooking can be romantic too, make it entertaining. Generate ideas together, it doesn`t have to be a routine job. Make a breakfast and draw a heart on coffee, or cut the vegetables or fruits and arrange them so as to make your woman’s name or the phrase “I love you”. My friend`s husband organized a dinner for his wife in an unusual way. Even though it was at home, he made it special. He made handmade romantic menu with all the things she loves with tender names, which made her laugh with happiness. He was her best waiter, took the best care and presented an unforgettable moment. After a busy day, take a bath together with your woman with lots of bubbles, champagne or wine, candlelight and romantic music.
  3. Here are some simple date night ideas. In the era of technologies, it is very easy and unexpected at the same time to send your beloved an invitation to the cinema, theatre or other place on her e-mail. Write something like “Hello, darling. On a nice day January 15, I am asking you to spend a couple of hours with me and enjoy a good film “Gone with the wind”. Love you. Your name.”
  4. Visit a favourite restaurant with live music and order a song for your woman. Ask one of the musicians to announce that this song is for HER and dance.
  5. Take a dance class. Hire a teacher. Learn a romantic dance together such as salsa or bachata, something passionate and relaxing. Don`t be focused on the right moves, just for the sake of spark between you, physical connection and sexual desire. It will help you to be more intimate and then you can continue with a passionate sex at home.
  6. Be a tourist in your own city. Take a tour together in your own city, it is a perfect day date ideas for married couples to add some adventure into your life. Explore some new places, I bet you haven`t been to all of them. Go somewhere a bit far from your house, take a boat or a motorbike. If you always travel by car, try something different. Visit a café which is unusual for you, try a different cuisine and spend your day in unusual atmosphere.
  7. Rent a room in a hotel to spice up your sex life, changing the location will definitely contribute for taking your mind off routine and relax to the fullest. Take a day off, no need to cook. Enjoy your day and night, use the facilities of the hotel, take a bath with rose petals, have champagne on the balcony, order delicious food, do massage for each other.
  8. Organize a date night wine or go to a wine tasting, any vineyards close by? Visit with your beloved one.
  9. Any crazy date night ideas? We do have some for very adventurous couples. How about air hot balloon ride? It is an unusual experience and it is going to be a day to remember.
  10. Enroll in the gym. Combine healthy activity and fun time, help each other. Set a light competition and a tempting prize which will please both of you.

Lack of time? It is not a problem we have some last minute date ideas. You may always spend a cosy evening with a person you love at home, watch the film which you both adore. Devoting time to a loved one is what really matters.

Finally, we want to assure you that it is not difficult at all to become a romantic person. All that you need is your imagination and a strong wish to make your beloved woman happy.

Remember that you cannot earn all the money in the world and they won`t make you happy. No matter how interesting your career is, always leave some space for romance and for people, who are dear to you.