Too busy for love or how to include romance in your busy schedule?

If you are a successful at your professional life and want to have a serious relationship, you must understand that one day you will either have to choose what is more important for you – love or work, or try to combine these two very important aspects of life.

There is a saying in Ukrainian “Love comes and goes away, but you still want to eat all the time”, meaning that it is not possible to choose only love as in our material world it is not enough to be loved or love to be happy. That is why, it is very important to learn to include romance in your busy schedule. And we are ready to help you with our tips on how to make your busy days flavored with romance.

Romantic idea #1.  After/while your lady is taking a shower or bath write “I love you” or some other nice words on the misty mirror.

Romantic idea #2. After a busy day, do not throw yourself on the bed, but try to make a relaxing back massage to your woman. Or, if you want to bring her to heaven, make her the feet massage and you will definitely be praised for your efforts.

Romantic idea #3. Find the time to go to a restaurant with live music and order a song for your woman. Ask one of the musicians to announce that this song is for HER and ask her to dance.

Romantic idea #4. Make a breakfast for HER and draw a heart on her coffee, or cut the vegetables or fruit and arrange them so as to make your woman’s name and /or the phrase “I love you”.

Romantic idea #5. After a busy day, take a bath together with your woman with lots of bubbles, champagne or wine, candlelight and romantic music.

Romantic idea #6. In the era of technologies, it is very easy and unexpected at the same time to send your beloved an invitation to the cinema, theatre or other place on her e-mail. Write something like “Hello, darling. On a nice day January 15, I am asking you to spend a couple of hours with me and enjoy a nice film “Gone with the wind” in the Orion cinema. Love you. Your name.”

Romantic idea #7. Choose one or two days in a month that you will devote only to your better half. Let her do whatever she wants on these days and fulfill all her wishes.

Romantic idea #8. Make something spontaneous. For example, when you are going home with your better half after work, choose a bouquet of flowers and give it to HER, when she does not expect it at all.

Romantic idea #9. Write nice words on the pieces of paper and stick them around the flat. Or draw arrows and arrange them in a way to show your better half the place where a surprise is waiting for her.

Romantic idea #10. Suddenly interrupt your story about your busy day saying: “I love you”, kiss HER tenderly and say why you love her so much. And then, continue your story as if nothing has happened saying: “So, what was I talking about?”

Finally, we want to assure you that it is not difficult at all to become a romantic person. All that you need is your imagination and a strong wish to make your beloved woman happy.

Remember that you cannot earn all the money in the world and will never buy happiness. No matter how interesting and exciting your career is, always leave some space for romance and for people, who are dear to you.